Tuesday, January 23, 2018

LOOK WHAT THEY DONE TO.......................

 Look what they done to my song, ma.
 Look what they done.
 Went into new improved medicinal 
 cannabis retail pharmacy and taken
 far back mentally. EVERYTHING IN A
 Look what they done to my song, ma.
 Look what they done.
 Taxing difference between right and 
 wrong and political greed may it all
 go wrong. No political implication
 only Alice's "adults" getting medicated
 all around nation. Mystic of beatnik back
 in Greenwich Village has no relation.
 Another way to handle situation..........

 Look what they done to my song, ma.
 Look what they done,
 YES, my medicine is always fun.
 gives me feeling of relaxation and need
 to take walk eating pork on a bun. 
 Once found amusement in sighting a
 walking around pizza eating nun!
 College days had interesting talks on
 floor of living room passing carefully,
 respectfully without Bogarting,,,,,,,,,,,
 Turned pot into Wall Street operation
 taxing amounts to locally drive nation.
 Look what they done to my song, ma.
 Look what they done. 
 Community had it all right but
 politicians and greedy businessmen
 and businesswomen put them in
 economic cross hair sights.
 Government in Washington "puffing"
 like 1950's used car salesmen driving
 up prices for another bite!
 Look what they done to my song.......
 Barry McChangky          Emoji        QUACK!

      Thank you, Melanie..............

Monday, January 22, 2018

"TWO DAYS IN OCTOBER".............

  Listening to media for sign
 of reasonable life and all I
 find is more strife. Meanwhile
 Alice's kids don't have such a
 bad life. Media not reporting any
 veteran affairs issues but by
 this writing no need for tissues.
 If anyone is interested I just
 watched, "Two Days In October." 
 Nineteen sixty seven, not long
 after I was lucky enough to get 
 out alive. On that date students
 shut down U.of Wisconsin over
 DOW recruitment and napalm.
 Over in Lai Khe, Viet Nam the
 Black Lions were ambushed by
 Viet Cong force outnumbering
 The Black Lions ten - one. Day in
 life of the grunt. I carried a radio.
 From the American Experience

  BLACK LIONS,SIR..............

  Barry McChangky     *B-) cool         QUACK!     

MONDAY MORNING...................................

 *&lt:-P partyAnother wet morning after
 overnight rain. Sun trying
 to break on through to the
 other side. Roads that had
 eight feet of mud reopened
 today ahead of schedule. 
 On schedule this morning
 on CBS This Morning prez's
 apologists are out far from
 any protester's shout. Prez
 has clout but when called
 upon to use it finds himself
 in doubt. Did I say that......
 road from White House has
 different route with stop at
 Yogi's Fork in the road.....

 Pictures of Zoe and Maximus
 full of sleep and smiles. Yes in
 spring will again travel northern

 Day off for federal workers and
 word on the street is combat
 disabled veterans will not get paid.
 One more time disabled vets get
 fucked but not laid.........Yes we did
 get played..................

 Barry McChangky         *>:) devil          QUACK!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fw: Zoe and Max - The latest and greatest

On Sunday, January 21, 2018 11:19 AM, 


 *>:) devilWeekend prez should have 
 been celebrating year in office
 has turned into "who shut our 
 government down?  Actually it's 
 you me who elect knuckleheads
 that should not be. Voting records
 of members of both houses reflect
 "those that they neglect." Getting
 into and staying in office means one
 has to satisfy those that spend most
 on "next reelection." Very much like
 survival of misfits through natural
 selection. Maybe if there was day of
 "national rejection" of everything
 divisive "we" could get on with our
 very convenient lives..........

 No such thing as being safe but shot
 of economic stability would hit the spot!
 "War out there" will continue to rot. Who
 knows how to connect all the dots........

  Barry McChangky            *~^o^~ cheer              QUACK!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

WHAT WE HAVE NOT HEARD....................................

 *?@_@? studyingI woke this morning and had
 to have a drink! Government
 and media really stink! Went
 to bed last night and neither
 party willing to blink! Media
 hanging out complaining of
 working overtime and what
 everyone has left out without
 a blink is THE DISABLED VET!
 On first of month no mention
 hospital system be functioning?  
 Just wondering since MEDIA has
 NOT taken notice...............

 While government is shut down
 BE PAID!!!!! What about working
 people like cab drivers and maids?

 Tough day yesterday at glue factory.
 Cheap maiden claimers who cost owners
 lots of money not long ago and no matter
 how good the training for some horses
 bettors will be complaining. Public touts
 have their own routes and from followers
 a lot less happy shouts...............Will take
 shortcut today and bet Mike Smith only at
 Santa Anita............need the action........

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil           QUACK!

Friday, January 19, 2018

TOUGH TIMES...........................

 *:(( cryingWhat rhymes with
 tough times? Bank
 roll can only float a
 lemon or lime. Went
 into day with only $60
 bankroll and falling ROI.
 That is end of carryover
 for last six months. Took
 maiden cheap claimers to
 kick my ass and I can't give
 myself a pass. Have double 
 of 4th and 5th with $.10 super.

 Looks like knuckleheads are
 Before you know it all will be
 leaving town with a frown. Prez
 opting out from protecting brown.

 So many issues chasing people to
 find box of tissues.............. 

   Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party         QUACK!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

RACING TODAY..................

 *:) happyTrack is good at Aqueduct but
 will be chilly for riders. Moving
 around cross wind Aqueduct on
 top of hopefully fast moving horse.
 Tough race course and would be 
 hell for golfers. Del Ray in Cali is
 by the ocean with golf course very
 near by. Real class act. that's a fact!

 Prez still talking out of every part of
 his moving mouth. General Kelly out
 "selling nothing but trying to move 
 'the wall' down field." Guy has no
 rhythm so he won't be singing out
 "Dark Side of the Moon!" 
 Reminding us "we are just another
 brick in the wall...........

 Do you remember?
 Do you recall?
 Wanting to go to next
 presidential ball?
 Ended up night in parking
 lot of local mall.
 Did you hear screams during
 the night telling you to take flight?
 Was it the homeless?
 Was it opiate addict? 
 Just another no medication manic?
 Come out of depression to be met
 by coming recession. Scream is 
 "sound of breaking retirement dreams!"
 accompanied by sound of bursting bubble.

 Barry McChangky              *>:) devil             QUACK!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BEAST FEASTING BACK EAST.........................

 *8-| rolling eyesAnother winter day back east 
 were beast of the east having
 feast. Monti has racing but it
 looks pretty ugly. But there
 will be winners for sinners.

 Weather in San Francisco damp
 and ugly. Enough fog holding 
 out sun and puts damper on walk
 around fun. No pork on a bun.
 Dark at Aqueduct today for me is
 okay. Took beating yesterday as
 well as my ROI. Still well ahead but
 once money is in MY account it's
 MINE! So all is well and fine........
 If your looking for a sign write to
 yourself good line and turn reel......
 might find out how real...........

  Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party       QUACK! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

HOW MANY TIMES................................

 *B-) coolHow many times must
 a prez be caught in a lie
 before you realize words
 have no value. Answer my
 friend has blown by with
 the wind, gone with the wind.

 How many times must a leader
 break the law before you sit and
 eat your cold slaw? Giving to us
 in the raw as so may drop jaw. 
 Like blind eagle with great claw
 never will call any fight a draw.
 If you want an answer my friend
 it is way to late. Gone with last
 gust of wind. 

 Media following prez may well be
 having good laugh but in the end
 "entertainment division" will make
 all of them bend! Everyone looking
 over shoulder to see who did they 
 offend to see if their's will be off
 the deep end............

  Barry McChangky          *:-w waiting         QUACK!


 *B-) coolGood morning to all you
 late sleepers on this MLK
 remembrance day. Did you
 get day off with pay? Nice.
 From management a small
 price and not to would be 
 real roll of the dice. Perks
 no longer fall of the shelves
 because Baby Boomers ate
 them all.

 Wonder what prez has to say
 other than "great guy" But he
 will find way after taking daily
 "I am silly pill." What a guy!

 Alive in pick five on this clear
 day at Aqueduct. Hit late pick 4
 and got some more for $.30 tri. 
 Had four of five in early pick five
 but could never reach horse that
 beat me, ugly.

 Have knucklehead neighbor who
 turned house into boarding house
 in middle of residential neighborhood.
 Mostly "Uber" drivers who come home 
 to no parking so park across sidewalk.
 Transients with no desire to put in roots,
 just take, take, take. Last night got ticket.
 Half a days pay...............

  Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party            QUACK! 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

SUNDAY MORNING............................

*?@_@? studying Great Sunday morning for dwellers
 of San Francisco. Slight chill if up
 on the hills. Started day with media
 shows by major networks. Shows,
 not news reporting Best line of day
 comes from Bob Costa the new host
 of Washington Week in Review. Opens
 with, what happened this week by prez.
 "By the 'top' reporters in nation."
 Well he may be right because what is a
 "TOP" other than a spinning object that
 is driving a point? Get the point?

 Knucklehead politicians out there making
 an attempt at "walking back" remarks we
 all know by now are pure Trump the Hump.
 Children of Alice only care that he runs a
 good economic palace. Just wait until all
 those "presidential orders" take hold with
 new tax cuts for the rich. May get re-elected!
 By fat pockets won't be rejected and keeps
 all divided by not being inspected...........

 Lost first leg in early pick 4 to horse that
 before today showed nothing. Late pick 4
 says I am going back for more. Big day 
 yesterday with early pick 4. Sometimes a
 plan just comes together.................

  Barry McChangky                *~^o^~ cheer               QUACK!     

Saturday, January 13, 2018

SATURDAY MORNING..........................................

 *:| straight faceSaturday morning chilly with
 lots of sunshine. Been up most
 of the night after watching twice
 movie about two days in 1967.
 Not long after I "rotated" home
 The Black Lions, 28th Infantry
 of 1st Infantry division ran into
 major force outnumbering by
 10-1. Alpha Company had every
 man killed or wounded. Forty four
 dead, On the same two days in
 Madison, Wisconsin at University
 of Wisconsin the students were
 beaten by Madison police for 
 "peacefully demonstrating," to 
 stop DOW CHEMICAL  recruiting.
 Hard to see so many Black Lions
 laid out on the ground. Westmorland
 denied openly that it "was not an ambush!"
 Surviving officers said it was. 

 Story related is the Viet Cong Regiment
 was on the way to attack Saigon and was
 not to get involved on the way. Units just
 "happened  to walk into each other!" 
 That was what was said in November,1966
 at Ap Bau Bang. Opened battle by taking
 out troop of 16th Mechanized Infantry who
 was our left flank. Napalm developed by DOW
 helped save the day, for us.................

 Racing today at Aqueduct after cancellations
 due to snow, rain or fog. Winter racing in N.Y.
 Monticello racing no fun either. Back east
 weather as tough as genuine leather. That's
 why it's called Winter Beast of the East! You
 can have my portion. 

 Might make an appearance tonight at Bell Tower.
 Maybe meet young thing flower................

   Barry McChangky                 *>:) devil                  QUACK!     

Friday, January 12, 2018

RACING IN THE FOG.............................

 *B-) coolPicture from Aqueduct this morning
 is one of fog and "where did horses
 go?" Up into the shoot, down back-
 stretch and out of fog at wire. Don't
 get to see race in entire but photo
 at wire never a liar. 

 Prez busy insulting everyone in plain
 sight and not just a sound bite. Has
 made many a citizen feel uptight and
 getting ready to take on Christian right
 and take good bite.........

 Politicians are knuckleheads running
 from rubber chicken dinner to next
 donor to reelection cause. Why oh why
 are there no "qualifications" for public
 office other than a fat wallet...............

 Life in San Francisco on this very dreary 
 morning is where is the view? No sky of
 blue and plane landing must be tricky.
 Fog just like Aqueduct 3,000 miles away.
  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil            QUACK!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

WHO DO YOU LIKE.......................

 *>:) devilStorm brewing over sending
 "home" the dreamers. Three
 major CEO's "demanding"
 all be allowed to stay. This is
 what I say, give HOMELESS
 the DREAM of living indoors!
 Both can be done but that is 
 not what politicians are about.
 Divide, conquer and gerrymander
 the hell out of newly won ground!
 What's that sound but another
 politician looking for fresh ground.

 CBS Morning Show has made sure
 another "possible journalist" has
 made leap into Charlie Rose's seat.
 Dickerson should know by now that
 CBS bends over all into teleprompter
 readers. Full of gossip Gale has yet to
 say when and what she knew about 
 "good friend Charlie."

 Racing at Aqueduct today as weather
 has warmed up to freezing.......

  Barry McChangky           *~^o^~ cheer             QUACK!  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WHY OH WHY FY TODAY.....................

*:-SS nail biting Wednesday morning dreary as
 back swamp in deep south. To
 go out today be weary. Flu is on
 the rise in golden California.

 Another one hits the dust!
 Big name award winning actor
 hit by "I was a louse factor!" 
 Public personalities roll models
 as idea that has gone bust! DO
 BUSTS! Be put on list of "worlds
 greatest mutts!" Can't wait to see
 what will happen with unleashed
 new found power..........when your
 phone rings do you NOW cower?

 North Korea coming to town at
 Olympics in South Korea. BOYS,
 Can new relationship bring security
 crown? Doubt it but as my life long
 friend Charlie would say, "we can only

  Barry McChangky             *o|:-) catch        QUACK!   

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

OH WANNA-BEE, OH WANNA-BEE..................

 *>:) devilTuesday morning in damp
 San Francisco while I am
 waiting for Safeway delivery.
 Morning news shows running
 with knuckleheads of limited 
 ability. Teleprompter readers
 working at sliding into stand
 up comedy routine. Act definitely
 nothing but routine. New act on
 block is Ophra for President!
 "It must be true" because I heard
 it on T.V. news following prez's
 act at farmers convention where
 he gave "his" interpretation. He
 will lead us to salvation.............

 Prez told farmers they should be
 "thankful for what he gave them!"
 Along with farmers were everyone 
 else but top twenty percent that 
 got 87% of tax relief. Just saying.
 But "we" get to keep on bending
 and paying. 

 There is only 4.1% unemployment
 and stock market has hit the moon.
 Some eat with shovel, rest with spoon.
 If economic factors are so good why
 are so many on verge of ruin?

 While I was off line North Koreans 
 have decided to talk to South Koreans. 
 "War out there" in middle east where
 there is always mean beast looking for
 an easy feast. Arms to area increased.
 Retail store fronts last for only 1 lease
 in San Francisco. New pot laws so far
 has not helped The Love Shack and 
 may have to go. Fifteen years or more
 serving the disabled public and will now
 have to close doors. Licence's went to
 "corporate political whores........" Only
 seven and no way to heaven........

 Residential leases are rising with no
 compromising. How many "people"
 share your apartment? After all, is
 "privacy" everything it's cracked up
 to be................

  Barry McChangky           *?@_@? studying           QUACK!    

Monday, January 8, 2018

I'M ADDICTED..........................

 *8-> day dreamingI'M ADDICTED!
 Addicted to the internet!
 Four days off line and
 could not get in a bet!
 Broke out in cold sweat.

 Internet like high test, once
 on good stuff only want best.
 Unscheduled absence left me
 with unneeded rest. About this
 I would not jest but too much 
 time on hand in this empty nest. 
 Don't like feeling of unrest.......... 

 With having good time am inflicted.
 Today is full of rain but no pain. As
 "they" say it could have been worse.
 Could have awoke back east where
 Snow rising like mixed with yeast!
 Daily tension has increased. Time
 for heading west to join now legal 
 POTHEAD FEAST! It's a dreary rain
 but easy to kill pain with couple of
 good hits..........

  Barry McChangky         *~^o^~ cheer        QUACK!


 *&lt:-P partyGuess I should not complain
 about today's heavy rain. I'm
 on line with notice of pending
 WHY(?) FY installation on this
 Wednesday. Systems are slow
 but betting and all other accounts
 are available. No explanation for
 days of no service............

 OPRA for president is call from
 morning news shows. Gave great
 "women empowering" speech,again.
 Get out of the way
 you old white Christian men,
 women are coming to put all
 of you in pig pen! Right wing
 cross wearing thugs go back 
 to drinking in pubs for the times
 they are a changing.............

 POT for fun opened in seven very
 politically connected "pot stores."
 More for all those political whores.
 Legalization will not keep black market
 from Alice's shores. Medicinal cannabis
 still available, at new taxed prices.........
 Time for medicare and V.A. to pay
 for disabled veterans medicine proven
 to work for pain and PTSD! SO? What
 is going to be.........BEWARE! Session is
 in session...................

 Barry McChangky               *>:) devil            QUACK!

Sunday, January 7, 2018


 *:) happyHello out there in blog land.
 Things did not work out as
 planned and AT&T has done
 to me. SUDDENLY! After 4
 days of no internet, not being
 able to get in a bet my internet
 has mysteriously reappeared!
 So much going on and no going
 on all over the world, nation and
 in our neighborhoods. Life moves
 with ebbs and flows and where
 wheel of luck stops no one knows.

 Life is good, damp and chilly mornings.
 Life in San Francisco is as always just
 easing on with LEGAL POT at very high
 prices. Took to lunch other day at my
 favorite bistro the Bell Tower growers
 that keep me in game at below market
 and over counter tax retail. Love Shack
 not on list of first seven open retailers
 and future up in air. For workers despair. 
 Will keep you aware............

 Book on prez is out and do I say more?
 Hard to ignore but there are at least 3
 more years........

  Barry McChangky               *&lt:-P party         QUACK! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER YEAR...........................................

 *~^o^~ cheerAnother page of calendar as well
 as entire calendar done. Last year
 and night did you have fun? To be
 out in New Yawk City last night?
 Get me there need a gun. Cold to
 me is not fun. No walking around
 food like pizza or pork on a bun!

 Fog and cold for San Francisco
 this morning. Great moon last
 night to end year with Alice's kids
 putting down that beer. Price of
 beer stock as well as DOW way up!
 That's why for Christmas bought 
 kids a pup. Make sure to collect some
 change in cup for coming year. 

 Rain to return to San Francisco bay
 area and needed to keep dust down.
 This is one dusty town but life here
 keeps away that frown. And it is now
 Is there difference between "pot" and
 medicinal cannabis? HA HA HA HA!

                  LIFE IS GOOD! 

 Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party        QUACK!