Saturday, December 16, 2017

SUNNY SATURDAY............................

 *>:) devilBeautiful Saturday morning in
 San Francisco with slight chill.
 Ran card at Aqueduct yesterday
 hitting pick 4 and 5. Not all that
 chalky but enough. On a two day
 winning streak with payoffs.......

 Have two bottles of Tapestry on
 tap after yesterday's delivery. 
 Time for leftovers. Thinking about
 running card in snow in New Yawk
 and it is still mostly chalk yesterday.
 Track and I remained firm...........

 Story in Washington is lots of open
 positions in fed government with no
 sign up saying, "open for hiring!"
 Prez says, "jobs, jobs, jobs!" but
 still treats civil service like slobs.
 Strike by state workers in Oakland.
 Not much community support...........

 After on year in office there is only a
 "great economy" for those that have.
 New budget will make worker tighten
 up daily living expenses. Budget takes
 and gives at same time for "The Worker."
 Remember them................

 Holiday season that makes kids crazy
 for no good reason. Anxiety of getting
 or not getting. Beginning of climbing
 social ladder for life. One step at a time.

  Barry McChangky           *~^o^~ cheer           QUACK!

Friday, December 15, 2017

WATER COOLER PEOPLE................................

  *8-> day dreamingConversation around Alice's nation
 is in stagnation. Talk about "things"
 that don't impact life other than on
 superficial level. I'm on the level.
 But like smooth edge of wood known
 as a bevel smoothly move through life.
 Know they have benefits but what is
 really in it? Paying for health care gives
 them a fit and want to be on some social
 program teat. 

 Movement from job to non career job is
 like living life of The Blob. Lots of fluid
 but very little movement. Don't have sklls
 that translate into other fields. Government
 has taken away shields and some have gone
 back to working "in the fields!" For very few
 an option of returning to the land. That is NOT
 what government has planned.............

 Office conversation around "water cooler"
 was about union politics and planning. Now
 all want to be Jesse James with computer
 like a desperado riding the wire. But who
 but themselves do they inspire? All do want
 TO RULE THE EMPIRE! Next great genius
 will be one that invents way to put out forest
 fires. If you live in Cali that's relevant.........   

  Barry McChangky                 *&lt:-P party                     QUACK!

ANOTHER SUNNY DAY..................

 *>:) devilSun is almost warm at this time
 on a San Francisco Friday. Won
 first leg of pick 5 after good day
 yesterday. Had my morning dose
 of daily medication from V.A that
 I am told are "life saving drugs!"
 Double green tea, bong hits and
 morning hot shower and I feel 
 that winning power. Life is good.

 Politics in Washington is growing
 more silly by the hour. So many
 investigations of a prez and party
 in power for one year. To your eye
 should come a tear. Latest budget
 will rip hearts from those supporting
 prez all the way. Getting what one sows?
 That Alice's kids choose Trump is only
 on them..............

  Barry McChangky           *8-> day dreaming            QUACK!  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


 *B-) coolHigh winds at Aqueduct means
 no racing today but in freezing
 weather harness at Monti. Snow
 along side of track frozen in time.
 In political race in Alabama close
 call for DEMs but as prez would
 say another win in win column. 
 Now senate is really frozen in time.
 Fires in southern Cali are tragic.
 Big as fires come and many at
 work to make it succumb. Need
 help from Mother Nature who is
 at war with human race. Need to
 find nice warm cozy place..........

 Things to do that have not been 
 done have at top of list power for
 all in Puerto Rico. Homes for the
 homeless families out there still.
 There will always be homeless
 because human race refuses to
 make changes that inconvenience's
 their daily lives or routine.

 Meanwhile North Korea moving along
 singing "got my missile song" Own
 population don't know if they belong.
 Starvation diet for all but master eater
 at the top. Oceans rising, glaciers are
 melting. Prez wants to burn more coal.
 If there is a master plan what is the goal?

   Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party           QUACK!   

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

FOUND MR. O'SUNSHINE'S REAL.....................

 *&lt:-P partyAnother great morning for
 San Francisco weather but
 over night loss our mayor.
 Cardiac at sixty five and for
 sure being mayor of this city
 ain't no jive. For the advocate
 will eat you alive..........

 Big election in Alabama that 
 will give no one an erection.
 At best a DEM who through
 process of natural selection
 should not face rejection.....

 Had wonderful meal from Ming's
 Chinese Restaurant. Usually no
 "fortune cookies" unless ordered. 
 Received two with meal at no cost.
 Season greetings I guess. Then I
 opened one and had familiar ring.
 "Adversity is the parent of virtue!"
 I opened second and to my surprise
 out jumped three fortunes! Already
 a winner for this sinner. One says,
 "Adversity is first path to truth!"
  Next, "Adventure is worthwhile in
 itself.." Followed by, "Courtesy
 begins at home." Then it came to me.
 Ray O'Sunshine is "author" of these
 "pronouncements." Images in my 
 mind of O'Sunshine sipping wine
 and saying things just divine........
 and lives very good..........

 Barry McChangky           *~^o^~ cheer         QUACK!     

Monday, December 11, 2017

GLORIOUS MONDAY MORNING.......................

 *:) happyBeautiful day in my neighborhood
 and all over San Francisco bay.
 Sun is up, no fog or chill. Just the
 way life should start everyday.
 Back east blizzard football I really
 enjoyed watching yesterday. All
 have to be on top of their game or
 you come out limping lame. Who
 to blame? Each players knows why
 they came to play. Concussions have
 become a mere inconvenience delay
 of game. Fans do show up, after all
 it's Buffalo! Traction, baby. Traction!

 That is what is needed in Washington.
 Budget meeting should be an interaction.
 Not behind closed doors waiting for any
 reaction. For what is left of middle class
 cant get no, satisfaction. Generation
 Now is now in trouble. No bill to jump start
 economy by rebuilding Alice's infrastructure. 
 Economy moving up with tigers waiting for
 next bubble. Stock market poor indicator of
 what happens out in the street...........DEMs
 slouching in back stepping defeat...........

  Barry McChangky               *&lt:-P party             QUACK!    

Sunday, December 10, 2017

SITTING AT A BAR..........................

 *&[] giftFound myself sitting at a bar
 in beautiful San Francisco. 
 Time of day or night does not
 matter for I have no watch or
 calendar. Lady sits down next
 to me with smile, says hello.

 After a couple of rounds of
 red wine she says that her
 occupation is "writer of 
 fortune cookie messages."
 I had to ask, "what was your
 greatest to you line you ever
 wrote." She smiles and says,
 "Every disaster brings a new
 opportunity." and giggled.

 Mighty fine line I said. Did you
 also forecast lottery winning
 numbers. "Yes, but my batting 
 average sucks." Do you spend
 any time handicapping horses?
 "Not my school of thought."

 Now I'm trying to figure out an
 immediate disaster that can be
 my "immediate opportunity. I
 asked next question over glass
 of wine from second bottle of 
 fine red wine and she said, "well
 of coarse dine for a five coarse."
 Bet she could eat a horse after
 day on the golf coarse.........

 That could become an expensive
 question. Just one more lover's
 question an answer to I would like
 to know..................

  Barry McChangky          *:) happy      QUACK!   

AIN'T GONNA..................

*8-> day dreaming Ain't gonna work on
 Donald's farm no more.
 Not going to give GOP
 an answer at front door.
 Donald down in The South
 with wide open mouth saying
 Roy Moore is guy "you" should
 vote for. Rather have "him"
 then liberal DEM we just might
 be able to adore. 

 Ain't gonna work on Donald's
 farm no more. Surrounded by
 "personal picks" whom I deplore.
 Chosen from corps of hard core
 knuckleheads seeking out more
 personal gold ore.

 GOP as a "party" declared openly
 "they just want to win!" So many
 now living in sin! If "you" think the
 GOP is thinking of "you" where oh
 where have you been...... you have
 Few GOP and DEM with scruples have
 no problem looking other way when 
 "fellow politician" goes array. Then
 there is you looking other way to dismay
 of children when gangs sell drugs in your
 neighborhood. Is it that tough to stand up
 "for the better good of all." 

 Tolerance is a wonderful concept misused
 over and over by most who usually love to

  Barry McChangky             *>:) devil          QUACK!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

SATURDAY, BEFORE NOON...................

 *?@_@? studyingSun looks to be high noon. 
 High noon for me today at
 a place called Aqueduct. 
 Have "savers" in looking to
 spare my weekly ROI. Kind
 of week to make weak man
 cry. HELP ME! Ahh, have to
 say life is still good...........

 Sunday will bring ring of both
 sides yelling about budget.
 It's not your or mine budget.
 It's called, "Let's fudge it!"
 Who "really" reads crap "we"
 pass for "our" prez to sign......
 Politician Sublime! Always will
 arrive on time to help "the guilty
 with current crime." Pass a bill of
 ill will and prez will sign and up 
 will go signs, "I WIN ! I WIN! I WIN!"
 Tomorrow hot dog without any
 mustard or sauerkraut for a fin$. 
 If you don't know what happened
 to me and you then you are guilty
 of committing a sin. After all, where
 have you been while Alice's kids
 took another one on the chin........

 Nice, sunny with bit of Cali chill.
 Some smoke from southern fires
 that will be hard to retire. Brave
 men and women out there holding
 the fire line...........don't need to be
 "fighting wars out there" when "we"
 could be home giving helping hand
 to Smokey the Bear.................

  Barry McChangky          *B-) cool         QUACK!    

Friday, December 8, 2017

I HAVE A LANDLORD..................................

 *B-) coolI have a landlord nutty
 as can be. Don't know
 weather to be good or
 bad to me. Holiday time
 she is sublime showing
 up at door with gifts for
 me. Makes think, blink
 and smell for a stink....

 Last night at my door
 bearing gifts but there
 is no Trojan horse. But
 of coarse I am looking
 for another course.......
 Envelope with crisp bill
 with portrait of Hamilton.
 Very nice season greeting
 without religious meaning.
 Bottle of Chateau du Barry,
 2014, Cuv'ee Tradition. 
 That's in France...........

 Will have with leftover's from
 Chinese. Even first time. Life
 is good with arrival of pics
 from great northwest and all
 four are smiling. Life is good!

  Barry McChangky      *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

DAY OF INFAMY.................................

 *X( angryOn December 7, 1941, a day
 that will live in infamy was
 DECEMBER 7, 2017. News
 was not full of World War II
 blues. Not even Boogie WoogieBugle
 Boy of Company B! Pearl Harbor?

 Current media generation does
 believe who insulted who and
 when and who called who a hen
 is important. No connection to
 the past or what came before them.
 I guess reality of hard to find career
 employment is wearing down well
 educated day workers. Maybe kids
 of "best generation", baby boomers
 were "allowed" to eat the whole thing!
 Left over bling and hash that one does
 not sling................


  Barry McChangy            *[-( not talking             QUACK!

LIGHT MY FIRE.....................

 *&lt:-P partyCome on baby
 light my fire,
 c'mon baby light
 my fire. Prez has
 set world on fire!
 Is there time to stop
 situation becoming dire?
 We are visitors in foreign
 land and where "OUR"
 embassy is not for hire.

 North Korea "HAS" rocket
 to reach and bleach Alice.
 Only thing coming from the
 palace is more malice. Prez
 still defending Flynn on issues
 he can not win. Hard to find any
 politicians that has not sinned. 
 "LABEL" worn as scarlet pin.....   

 Again eight race card at Aqueduct.
 Short of horses in The Big Apple?
 Don't know if purses are dropping
 with all those "coins" dropping!
 Will check scratches, weather and
 weather or not I will play. Have to
 win four races AND make money,
 honey..........any thing else not funny..... 

  Barry McChangky           *~^o^~ cheer            QUACK!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


 *>:) devilJust past noon here in
 San Francisco with sun
 and slight chill. Already
 had my fill at Aqueduct.
 Two year old's, scratches
 and off the turf racing. Too
 tough for me, no mas! no mas!

 Getting down and dirty in good
 old Alabama and prez in hand
 using presidential hammer. He
 and family members may end
 up in The Slammer! Want to see
 "nation"do well not just a few who
 for breakfast have plenty to chew.
 Stock market rising but quality of
 life of "day workers!" Career jobs?
 What is that............Benefits? 

 Barry McChangky          *#:-S whew!        QUACK!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

COMING HOME..................

 *B-) coolBack in 1966, on this day I
 left Viet Nam completing
 everyday of my tour. I was
 thought  that there would 
 be a warm homecoming.
 Wrong. So much animosity
 from those having it easy
 with stateside duty to some
 relatives and cab drivers and...

 But it is Tuesday with delivery
 from Safeway, going to bet 2
 in Mega-millions for tonight
 and smoke some of the best
 pot anywhere to be found.....

 Dark today at Aqueduct. O K
 by me for this is one track that
 has punished me, good. Lets me
 pick four straight winners and pays
 off like I'm some kind of sinner by
 giving back less than I bet!!! Known
 here as an oye veh day............

   Barry McChangky          *>:) devil         QUACK! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

MONDAY MORNING SUN...........................

 *>:) devilChilly but sunny Monday morning
 in San Francisco with great moon
 action last night. Great sight and
 shined lots of light on current
 political mess. GOP pushed through
 bill that will have Christian right
 running to confession and CONFESS!
 "I know bill is millionaires, billionaires
 greatest wet dream but in mixture I'm
 but filler cream!" Lawyers as politicians.
 Do you hear that sound, sound of nothing
 trickling on down...........

 No sign of relief for homeless.
 No sign of "war on opiates."
 Where are the "rebuilding infrastructure plans?"
 Only playing to the fans...................
 Only sure thing that is constant is daily
 distraction. Another poll about my reaction.
 Only hear word "action" on movie set.

 Dark at Aqueduct today but bet pick 5 at Monti.
 Good day to get out and around. Never know
 what is out there to be found..............

  Barry McChangky                    *~^o^~ cheer            QUACK!  

Sunday, December 3, 2017

DAY AFTER NIGHT BEFORE.............................

 *&lt:-P partyUp and down most of late night
 after partying with Ray O'Sunshine.
 Lots of wine, laughs and morning
 after "did we drink, smoke and eat
 the WHOLE THING?" Feels like it.

 General Flynn turns out to be a 
 FLIPPER! For the good of family.
 Save his son from jail and all are
 out without any bail. Is it because
 BOTH have tale to tell? Meanwhile
 while we were not watching GOP
 put over middle class killing budget.
 Yes, there are winners, sinners and
 losers. Rich are not among losers.
 On going investigations may be slow
 but in end will land a blow. Meanwhile
 two great shows for those with nose
 for what there is to know.............

 Woke up late and in no great shape
 to handicap today's card at Aqueduct.
 Took it as good day to duck..........
 No reason to push luck..........

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer         QUACK! 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

SATURDAY MORNING.............................

 *>:) devilWoke up to nightmare
 of GOP getting closer,
 closer, closer to a win!
 Budget of Sin will be
 remembered forever. For
 those on right side of tally
 sheet it looks to good to be
 true. On other side is black
 and blue. I can hear GOP 
 roar of "I'm going to get re-
 elected!"  Next election will
 see if "they" are rejected or
 "we" will find out who our
 neighbors really are..........

 Even distraction of number one
 knucklehead Matt Lauer could
 not keep budget off front page.
 Kept morning show department
 well fed on valuable commercial
 time now out on Long Island busy
 sucking on a lime. What he has
 done to family another crime. Men
 have problem keeping themselves
 from diving into slime just when
 hitting their prime. Suddenly all turn

 Distraction shows our slow reaction
 to Alice reaching missile by North
 Korea, Seventh Fleet in Pacific Ocean
 old and beat. Japan sitting out there
 like prime meat. Prez busy with nothing
 and only talks of turning up heat. Who 
 will be our ally if Japan goes down in
 defeat that won't be clean and neat.......

 Holiday shopping on kid's minds. What
 will Santa baby bring? Some bling, voice
 to sing like Bing or thrown to be king?
 Best one can "HOPE" FOR IS ANOTHER
 DAY OFF WITH PAY! Gotta go pray, my

  Barry McChangky            *8-} silly           QUACK!     

Thursday, November 30, 2017

VIDEO KILLED........................

 *>:) devilVIDEO KILLED 
 On golf course getting a tan.
 On back burner issues with Iran.
 What about "Little Rocket Man?"
 On Muslims still wants a ban.
 Reaction to distraction is to join
 on in and look other way which
 YOU know is a sin. "I'm sorry"
 about being despicable is letting
 all see "powerful" take it on chin!
 Person on this case should have
 been Charlie Chan with help from
 Number One Son holding dust pan.

 GOP working hard to give prez win
 with budget that is a sin. Going after
 naysayers with viciousness of none
 other than Uncle Ho Chi Minh. Looks
 like more no growth times ahead. Do
 you hear sound of a trickle.........
 Buddy, help me out with a nickel......
 with ten more buy half a pickle..........
 Price of early pick 4 yesterday at $19.00
 was another win/lose situation. Won with
 correct four winners and lost $15.00 on
 my well calculated bet. Looked other way
 today and as the sound of fluttering wings
 overhead of morning landing of my eagles
 prepare for Friday Morning Invasion.......
 What ever happened to "the bundles?"

  Barry McChangky               *%||:-{ unlucky            QUACK!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

OH ALICE...........................

 *&lt:-P partyOH ALICE!
 What is going on?
 One generation after another
 just wants to turn on, and on.
 Why is there so much malice
 everyday in The Palace?
 Why is there talk of another 
 DALLAS? Could it be due to
 prez acting out so callus? 
 Charlie Rose's "partners" on
 CBS Morning Show are liars!
 What and when did "they" know
 and when bent over did either
 one glow?
 When will congressional pages
 look congress members in eye
 and ask, "why did you treat me
 so cruel against the house rules?"
 How many in music industry really
 have reasons to sing the blues?
 MUCH TO LOSE? Bring in Perry Mason
 to find some clues! Be weary of any
 government investigations with sitting
 members having so much to lose!
 Does "accepting" being bent over NOW
 considered "paying your dues?" Don't
 be so ready to be powerful individual's
 muse. You could be there to amuse..........

 Wednesday morning in San Francisco
 with beautiful day in store. Holiday season
 on everyone's mind. But don't be fooled
 by knuckleheads "suddenly" acting kind!
 Real Santa Claus hard to find.......

  Barry McChangky             *:(tv) tv              QUACK!  

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

WHILE WE WERE BUSY......................

 *>:) devilOn this Tuesday while Alice's
 kids were busy with "I'm so sorry
 crowd" North Korea fired new
 rocket that can reach anywhere
 on our mainland.
 While we were busy despicable
 behavior of some the GOP has
 put together budget and gun to
 head to vote for. Prez has way
 of saying "if you don't go along it
 is time to say so long" Don't you
 hear "Happy Trails" in the air...... 
 While we were busy looking other
 way to everyone's dismay GOP is
 taking health care away from many
 millions and giving billions to rich.
 Racing tomorrow at Aqueduct and
 card looks like fat pitch from rookie,
 very hit-able. Hopefully, payable. 
 That is not negotiable.........

    Barry McChangky         *:-)/\:-) high five       QUACK!