Saturday, August 18, 2018

PICKED MYSELF UP...........................

 Took loss yesterday on daily
 pick 4 hitting early pick 4 and
 losing money. Late pick 4 then
 melted in second leg. Today I
 came back with early pick 4 and
 it did pay more. Handsome ransom
 for the good guys. Ready for late
 pick 4 to get some more............

 Prez has run into EVERYBODY!
 Taking away clearance from one
 known to be on our side. Prez is
 ready to glide, slide and and show 
 absolutely no pride. Man has lied!
 With own party did collide. NOW on
 who to rely..............Putin?

 Labor Day Weekend is coming and
 unions are going rowing up river
 flowing against them. It's hard to run
 union when everyone has become a
 rugged individual. Organization is what
 has allowed man to grow, show and 
 develop great talents. Like handicapping
 thoroughbreds, it's a LEARNED SKILL!

  Barry McChangky             Emoji           QUACK!   

Friday, August 17, 2018


 EmojiHey Mr. Tambourine Man
 I've listened to your song.
 Telling all what went wrong,
 watching white cross wearer's 
 getting way too strong. NOW
 where do I belong? Find out
 too late fighting Viet Cong may
 have been wrong..............

 Hey Mr. Tambourine Man where
 are you today? Ducking, staying
 out of the fray? Are you way too
 comfortable to say? Have you
 become a great American that has
 learned to look other way or are ya
 crying with Otis down at dock of the
 bay? Did you ever think Alice's kids
 would let it all decay? Still say it's all
 black or white when obvious it's gray.
 Doing "the right thing" is a play and
 wishing sin would do Archie Bunker 
 thing "and just go away!" Never forget
 great offensive/defensive weapon used
 against "the people" is DELAY! But time
 is always here and will never go away....

 Hey Mr. Tambourine Man there is news
 from The Vatican today. Pope will take
 "responsibility for past mistakes" Does
 that mean bishops/cardinals won't be
 eating any steaks? Some say "they"
 should be tied to the stakes! Ongoing
 history shows it was not just some flakes.
 I believe this pope has what it takes to do
 as saying goes, "for God's sake!" QUACK!

   Barry McChangky            Emoji              QUACK!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

THURSDAY IN TOWN.......................

 EmojiOh life would be a dream
 if I could hit pick 4 that
 takes me to stars up above.
 Where there are treasures
 like Michael's other glove.
 Life would be a dream.......
 would give up half and half
 for whipped cream........

 Have problem making money
 but keep picking winners. I'M
 On the news is ongoing blame game.
 Hear in the air, "wish life remains same."
 More fear of what might be while disliking
 what is. Stability is nice, comfortable, safe.
 To move forward in life, get ahead one must
 take a gamble. Bet with YOUR HEAD! Not over

  Barry McChangky                   Emoji            QUACK! 



Wednesday, August 15, 2018

REALITY TEST.......................

 EmojiTime for reality test after
 blowing pick 4 and 5 in
 last leg. $28.00 winner did
 blow by my picks. Make 
 one scratch like tics. 

 Time for voting public to
 take reality test at voting
 booth. Will you use care
 used to save tooth? Or on
 way sugar out on Baby Ruth?
 Will you use your frame of
 reference to check out the truth
 and boycott election if there is
 no choice in selection? Or will you
 vote for someone who gives you
 bad case of indigestion? Not to vote
 is boycott rejection.............Do not be
 afraid to tip the boat over and ROCK

  Barry McChangky            Emoji         QUACK!

Monday, August 13, 2018



DE JE' VUE...........

 EmojiMondays betting resembled
 yesterdays winners for sinners
 with eight straight winners and
 small ransom. Lost $50 on first
 pick 4 and won $150 on second.
 Living in San Francisco that is 
 not a day's minimum wages.
 But I had fun!

 Life around prez is out of this world.
 Rod Sterling could not write this script.
 Don't go his way and be whipped! in the
 public arena! Can't get out of his way if
 you were a ballerina! Has more wind than
 Hurricane Katrina! 

 Meanwhile military budget not much more
 than inflation. Good news for nation? Will
 depend on next situation.........

    Barry McChangky              EmojiEmojiEmoji          QUACK! 


Emoji Sunday was a strange day
 for me. Weather overcast,
 home repair sounding like
 dentist drill and won two
 pick 4's making few dollars
 early and winning/sinning in
 second losing $30. Small

 Prez sounding like all is fine
 but new budget has a sign.
 "Happy days are not here again!"
 Women and men get ready to bend!
 More out of pocket after very small
 gain in last budget. So are you rolling
 along, singing "that" song and find
 nobody by your side.............want to
 dig in and hide..........where oh where
 is that Bald Eagle Pride...............
 Economy about to slide.........for you
 no more free of fee rides!

  Barry McChangky        Emoji          QUACK!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

IT ALL WENT DARK..........................

 It all went dark
 went for walk in
 the park. Missed
 so many races I
 began to feel like
 a mark. I bet dogs
 but never heard a
 bark. Might as well
 join Jonah on the ark.
 Kind of day one buys
 drugs from a narc!
 Saratoga gave it good
 to me today but there
 are more races tomorrow.
 IN GAME! May have bet one
 or two that turned up lame 
 but on that no one to blame.
 Life goes on just the same....

  Barry McChangky       Emoji     QUACK!

Friday, August 10, 2018


 EmojiFriday morning in San Francisco
 is beautiful! Sky is clear of smoke
 for first time in days. Feel like I'm
 working at job and just got a raise!
 I know! I know! It's only a phase....

 Judge threw book a attorney general
 for being a knucklehead. Time to put
 him on a sled and to reindeer be fed!
 Is he on or should be on meds.........

 Hit early pick 4 for a whopping $11.00
 win for sin. Bet late pick 4 spreading
 out more and was shown the door. 
 Biting away at bankroll and feel more
 like a bagel than being on a roll........
 Bet early pick 4 looking for death to
 chalk and I refused to balk! All Aboard!

  Barry McChangky          Emoji           QUACK! 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

NEW NORM.......................

 EmojiOn everyone's lips is
 "it's about that new norm."
 Acceptance of something
 you do not like but won't do
 anything about. No clout?
 Is it all about self-doubt?
 Know the road not the route?
 Given more duties at work but
 no increase in pay makes you
 want to shout but dribble out,
 "it's just that new norm."

 No union to turn to. Employer
 club that has no club and now
 you feel like real shrub. Want to
 turn to others but throw up hands
 and say, "just the new norm, get
 used to it!" Nobody cares if you throw
 a fit after getting nothing for doing your
 bit! You can "vote them out" or split!
 Do you vote even though you find no
 choice and tell those that refuse to join
 in they have no voice if not voting. That
 is revolting in a nation born out of boycott
 and backed up by those standing at Concord!
 "Thirteen Original Colonies" may be true but
 not completly honest. We were and are the
 thirteen original white cross wearing, slave
 owning states. Original constitution had no
 chance without giving "white cross wearing
 slave owners and slave masters right to bear
 arms to enforce slavery." You may wish we're 
 "Americana" where everything is as we would
 like it to be..............

 Current generation of children are hip to adults,
 especially their parents. Waiting for their chance...

   Barry McChangky                   Emoji                 QUACK!    

Wednesday, August 8, 2018



 EmojiNice day in San Francisco
 once your used to breathing
 smog. Morning fog with some
 dampness is lousy but gone
 by afternoon. Spent my day
 playing early pick 5 and late
 pick 4. Lost pick 5 in final leg
 for no good reason. Thought
 I was in season but erred. So
 onto pick 4 looking to get some
 back and more. Luck did not
 shine on McChangky today. Yes
 tomorrow there will be more....

 Luck has a pendulum component.
 It will continuously swing once in
 motion. Silent as next notion......

   Barry McChangky        Emoji        QUACK!   

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


 EmojiDamp from fog and chill
 from low cloud ceiling. 
 Prez is out stumping while
 wheeling and dealing. Now
 on vacation at his golf resort.
 Does he read morning report?
 Does he know how many former
 employees are in court? Thirst 
 for power as head of "noble court?"
 Dark at Saratoga but made some
 bets at PARX, Monti and Finger Lakes.
 Finished yesterday with whopping pick 3
 to cover losses of winning/losing money
 and giving whiplash to my ROI! Saratoga
 pays well but you still have to pick-em! 
 Handicapping thoroughbreds is a learned
 skill like that job/career you've been doing
 over and over all these years. No tears here

 Safeway delivery any time now. Life is good.

  Barry McChangky               Emoji               QUACK!   

Monday, August 6, 2018

BLUE MONDAY................

 EmojiHit the pick 4 and 5!
 But I lost money and
 that's no jive! Rooting
 in horses to stay alive,
 chalk is dominate and
 with no way to thrive.
 Just part of everyday 
 gambling when left with
 only a high five! Try to
 spend that......meanwhile
 only "the one percent" is
 getting fat. Treat world as
 their door mat. OUR Prez
 is part of that group and
 treats  friends very well
 and "they" are taking all
 including "OUR" art..........
 GOP behind him NOW and
 from the very start.......

Ten minutes to next pick 4,
 can't help but to go back for
 more. Winners for sinners is
 at heart of chalk. Make throat
 so dry don't want to talk.....
  Barry McChangky        Emoji       QUACK!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

SATURDAY AFTERNOON......................

 EmojiProductive Saturday morning
 baking banana nut muffins.
 On to handicapping/betting at
 Saratoga. Overnight downpour
 had two races canceled and
 made difference in late pick 4.
 Always make sure when seeing
 opening door and go for more!

 Wonderful weather after early
 morning fog/smog. Fires burning
 but little containing when when
 heat is so great creating own
 weather system. Many homes lost.
 Government still not coming clean
 and where are the missing kids.........

 Seems days go by without anything
 coming from congress. Never short
 on lies, stalls and can you WAIT UNTIL

 Alice's kids are divided on so many
 issues that have been carried forward
 endlessly. Greed has set in. MAYBE some
day will be a one percenter and won't care
 if there is a center..................

  Barry McChangky           Emoji           QUACK!  

Friday, August 3, 2018

ANOTHER GOOD DAY............................

 EmojiLife in San Francisco brings 
 mild weather, sunshine and
 less noise from reconstruction
 of homes. Most valuable asset 
 of working class home owner.
 I hit both pick 4's and received
 handsome ransom for early with
 payoff of $666. Message? Lost on
 second pick 4 with chalk taking
 over. Saratoga pays good without
 chalk but when dryness in throat
 is there beware...........

 Where oh where is prez taking us?
 Time to get off bus Gus? Man is
 busy spilling out venom of hate
 with no thought to Alice's fate!
 Ain't that just great? Waiting for
 GOPer's to swallow his bait and
 change mind next day but never
 offers up rebate! Watch GOP slate!
 Funds for those that stay in line.
 Wants all to sign on bottom line a
 personal allegiance to him. Lights
 all over Alice getting dim.........

 Barry McChangky          Emoji           QUACK!

Thursday, August 2, 2018




 EmojiSpent day at home handicapping,
 betting and all for a small handsome
 ransom. Prepped for tomorrow and
 looked out my window onto Florida
 Street and across the street on my
 neighbor's stoop or steps sit four
 teenage girls smoking pot/dope or
 whatever. Neighbor's car is right
 there and she is home. School is
 out and knuckleheads are out and
 about! Too young to have anything
 to flout.......

 Prez stepping up pressure on "that"
 ongoing witch hunt. Has yet to take
 big swing and this is only a bunt.
 What "we" get everyday is prez on
 the prey for easy prey. Meanwhile
 has turned back on Puerto Rico,
 human decency and those earlier
 "US federal government promises"
 to Native peoples. 

 Keep hearing overuse of one word,
 MIRACLE! Loosely used mostly by
 those easily amused. Believe they
 are really confused or think kind of
 cheap of the word. A miracle is to
 awake in the morning to find end of
 homelessness, dependence on drug/
 alcohol abuse and no more reasons to
 be singing the blues................

    Barry McChangky          Emoji         QUACK!   

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

OH WHAT A DAY.................

 EmojiUp early to catch ride to VA
 on other side of town, where
 ocean meets land and plenty
 of fog. Checked in early as 
 asked and waited for ten a.m.
 appointment. Had my vitals
 taken and 120/63 says all meds
 are working. Waited some more
 and told desk to tell nurses's ass't
 her next appointment went home.

 Rode bus down Geary to Arguello
 and got cab with help of young man
 helping "this old guy." Yeeeeah. 
 When I went to get into cab there were
 drivers parents, "Room upfront for one
 more! They are my parents!" I just knew
 this had to be fun. "Okay I'll go."
 "Say, you sound like a New Yorker."
 "I'm from The Bronx!" "So am I!" 
 Burke Avenue by Boston Road and all
 came out twenty five years ago. Lots
 of laughs on the way. At home gave
 "Frank Taxi" a Bronx tip . More than the
 meter. Gave me his number for later
 service. Nice people...........

 Have half of late pick 4 and need 2 more.
 August is here, eagle landed in nest with
 full clutch and I may have the touch. I do
 say handicapping is a learned skill. Not
 picking winner by free will.............

   Barry McChangky             Emoji           QUACK!  

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

EASY TUESDAY..........

 EmojiOvercast and smog for today.
 Fires all over Cali and smoke
 goes way wind blows. Like our
 favorite politicians. Trump has
 everyone's ears and listens to
 no one. He must be on a bagel 
 or I hope he's not on a roll. In
 good form as a troll who never

 Safeway and cannabis delivery
 today. Food for stomach and 
 soul. Watch no soccer because
 I hate that guy who yells out
 No local place to bowl but for
 fish one can troll. Be careful what
 you take home to eat. Always work
 on keeping the beat to keep away
 those that wear "the sheet." Now
 in hiding but won/t admit defeat.....

 Listening to media trying to explain
 events and know right away where
 copy reader stands, Personal opinions
 by good looking legs leaves one to beg,
 "what are you talking about?" Are you
 angry enough to shout? Stand up and
 walk out? Take on politicians to end of
 fifteen round bout? It is common for all
 politicians to leave voters in doubt and
 then find out they have little clout.......

 Dark at Saratoga today. Maybe Monti
 and Finger Lakes for small bets. Don't
 want to spread at small paying tracks. 
 Won't be bringing home honey in sacks!

   Barry McChangky           Emoji         QUACK!  

Sunday, July 29, 2018

SUNDAY MORNING................................

 EmojiSunday morning and quiet
 on the block. Retro fitting is
 not done but this is first Sunday
 no work. It seems cross wearers
 in San Francisco don't take at all
 serious about "seventh day," No
 rest for the weary.

 My favorite touts at Saratoga did
 take off today and left me behind
 to die. No loyalty from "them!"
 Will bet some pick 3's and bets on
 Santana. He plays a horse just like
 Carlos plays the guitar. And he just
 won first race. Watch this guy..........

 National politics carry on like there
 is someone at the helm. Ruling party
 can't rule themselves and dem DEMS 
 are out there, somewhere............

 Forest fires in Cali, Greece and points
 everywhere it is dry or there's flooding.
 Mother Nature having fun with naughty

   Barry McChangky           Emoji       QUACK!


Friday, July 27, 2018



 EmojiFires and smoke aftermath
 catching up with this town. Fog
 this morning thick with smoke.
 Fires in Greece have Greeks not
 having routes of get away. Most
 deaths to elderly trapped. Forests
 are burning from long periods of
 dryness. Japan having heat wave
 to kill many. Then there is guns, 
 disease, hit and run drivers and of
 course drug addiction. Just another
 day in the jungle...........

 Pick 5 was very good to me yesterday.
 I'm out front and moving forward. So is
 daily work on block getting houses ready
 for next earthquake. Shake and bake can
 come your way, anywhere...........

 Prez doing lots of bragging but no proof
 of results he is claiming. Facebook drop
 is largest in history and Zuckerberg is
 still standing and again promising to get
 it right, next time...............

  Barry McChangky            Emoji           QUACK!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

CHANGE OF WEATHER............................

 EmojiThursday morning brings
 fog mixed with smoke from
 new fires closer to city. This
 fire sees more homes/less
 forest. Roads closed and 
 inhabitants had to get out or
 be shut in. Back east same
 problems with floods caused
 by months rain in two days....

 Hit late pick yesterday to bail
 out of early loss. ROI holding
 steady and went pick 5 early. 
 Saratoga is sloppy and some
 races have lots of scratches.
 Neighborhood noisy from ongoing
 retro fits to hold back earthquake.
 Maybe, maybe not. Can't sell home
 without it here or buyer can't get a
 certificate of occupancy. Space!
 San Francisco named "most expensive
 city in the WORLD!" What is affordable?
 You may find out sooner than you think
 if you live where you want to live...........

   Barry McChangky           Emoji          QUACK!