Friday, September 22, 2017


 Hanging out enjoying good
 news from way up north.
 Arrival of Zoe and Maximus
 as new edition to west coast
 Scheckys. Life is good.....

 Too many two year old races
 with very large fields are not
 in my best interest. Pick 5's
 cost an amount that does not
 always get covered in a win. 
 To get it right and not to be 
 rewarded is a sin. 

 Been watching Ken Burns series 
 on Viet Nam. Same old story now
 told in living color. Knowing the
 outcome keeps it from being an
 ongoing cliffhanger.......I'm ready
 for a Harvey Wallbanger,,,,,,,,,,

 Will do some celebrating tomorrow
 night with Ray O'Sunshine. Have
 great magnum of Tapestry, wonderful
 medicinal cannabis and maybe trip on
 down to electric avenue at The Bell Tower. 
 Was asked number of years ago what is
 best part or events in my life. Answer is
 "best is yet to come or why am I hanging
 out for a downward spiral?" Arrived it has.

  Barry McChangky         *~^o^~ cheer          QUACK! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fw: INTRODUCING, IN THIS CORNER........................

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 10:08 PM, barry schechter <> wrote:

 This is an endless bout with
 world they have now entered.
 "In this corner, weighing in 
 at 5 pounds, 6 and one half ounces,
 wearing blue trunks, welcome
 In the opposite corner arriving at
 same time and weighing in at
 6 pounds, 1 ounce, wearing pink

 "I want you two to shake hands
 and come out bonding, Remember,
 LIFE IS GOOD! And please give hand
 to the producers of this wonderful 
 event, Kate and Mike! Life is good....

  Barry McChangky        *~^o^~ cheer         QUACK! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


 *B-) coolI listened to speech at
 United Nations, oh boy.
 World is different today.
 Everyone needs to pay,
 then allowed to pray. 
 No more using citizens
 as human prey, all can
 live to be old and gray.

 Spoke about new friend,
 The Rocket Man, Told all
 there should be ban on
 going from fire to frying
 pan, Had direct threat to
 Iran and looks at so many
 nations as "an also ran."
 Trump has great economic
 plan that when implemented
 will make "all" feel grand.
 Natural catastrophes have
 broken many an island and
 moves on to mainland. Then
 earthquakes that make our
 lives shake.............
 I'm busy now with morning 
 chocolate chip cookie bake.
 Takes edge off day...........

  Barry McChangky     *&gt;:) devil   QUACK!

Monday, September 18, 2017

MONDAY AFTERNOON........................

 *B-) coolWoke from broken night 
 of sleep and into my back
 some more pain creeps.
 Not  enough for pain killers
 nor does it make me weep.

 Weather is drizzle, clouds with
 some moments of sunshine. 
 Not a Ray O'Sunshine moment.
 Not enough clouds to look for
 a sign. So I'm pouring glass of
 some very fine wine and will dine
 on leftover Chinese with McChangky
 twist. Why do so many refer to not      
 getting to something today as being
 on "my bucket list?"

 Politics moving along like life, day after
 day after day. Congressmen making 
 speeches to empty audience for freeby
 acknowledgement to voters at home.

 Life is good and is about to get better.
 Stay tuned...............

   Barry McChangky        *~^o^~ cheer          QUACK!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

SUNDAY MORNING AND...................

 *[-( not talkingBeautiful Sunday morning
 but awoke with killer back
 pain that wants to hang out.
 Trying to grin and bare it all
 but lady to remain unnamed
 had her way with me. I was
 not sorry at the time but this
 time walking around like bum
 needing to be tipped a dime..
 Yesterday pizza, today Chinese.

 World of politics in disarray for
 "our" prez spoke to the Dems.
 Need for "stuff" by all major and
 not so major news outlets. World
 of speed communications and
 knucklehead "reporters" trying
 to scoop the field. Be better off
 following dogs and elephants....

 Just got busted in pick 4. Used
 speed and trackers and closer's
 and plodders kicked my ass. So
 who knew? Dark until Wednesday.
 That is 9/20 and may very well be
 lucky day for west coast Schecky's.

  Barry McChangky            *~^o^~ cheer      QUACK!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

SATURDAY AFTERNOON.....................

 *&lt:-P partyOn an afternoon where I find
 myself doing no damage at
 Belmont called for a pizza
 from Escape From New Yawk.
 Open magnum of Tapestry that
 I always find more than pleasant.
 Mushroom and fresh garlic pizza
 today. None of that under glass

 Tried calling Ray O'Sunshine but
 got message naming phone number
 as individual I called. Made me bawl.
 For phone company are willing to do
 "the low crawl" to save trip to brick
 and mortar mall? All I wanted to do
 was  share some wonderful wine and
 message that sounds like a whine.
 Do I hear in background playing, "I want
 to go to Miami........"  

 Barry McChangky            *?@_@? studying             QUACK! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

FRIDAY AFTERNOON IN THE CITY......................

`*&lt:-P partyNice day for San Francisco
 with tough racing at Belmont.
 Couple of races left in late pick 4
 but already open is chalk door.
 ROI is tethering. Funds are not
 withering but spirit takes hit on
 every winning pick at chalk door.
 Have to toughen up like corps of
 the hard core...........

 Lots of political talk and "both sides"
 out front saying to "help the people"
 with more, more more! Still on tax
 schedule is home run for the rich. 
 Be ready to say,"ain't that a bitch!"
 Every time I see prez and family think
 this must be season of the witch and
 get this funny twitch..........

 Homeless is up in numbers, percentage
 weather that kills the spirit. Late night
 talk show/stand up comedy look at it
 all with a quip. Always seem to have a tip.
 Know few retired again away on a trip!
 Some fly, some take cruise ship.
 Doing good, feeling so hip.
 Life is good, for some............

  Barry McChangky            *[]==[] exercise           QUACK! 

Thursday, September 14, 2017


 *&gt;:) devilBeautiful day in my neighborhood
 here in San Francisco. Thursday
 afternoon crowd at Bell Tower is
 on my things to do today. Maybe
 young thing will give me a fling
 and drag me home to have her way.
 Tune in tomorrow...............

 Prez and DEMs sitting down for talks.
 In this race always bet the chalk. And
 then duck for coming balk. Can't wait
 to see final product. 
 In fourth day of darkness with racing
 off until Friday. I'm not going through
 withdrawal for addiction or my bank
 account. I am only counting like T V
 star The Count, Sesame Street is the

 Since yesterday there is no improvement
 on moving forward after weather catastrophe
 of south east. Slow comeback for those that
 are in position to make comeback. Time for
 good old fashioned migration by our needy
 fellow Americans...........

   Barry McChangky              *~^o^~ cheer                QUAVCK!    

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


 *:-c call mePRECONDITIONS!
 Coming down on you.
 coming down on me.
 "Our" lives will be better
 if "you" do this for me!
 Will you see forest after
 passing one more tree?
 Will come to my table if
 if you first agree to
 Waving missiles in sky,
 if falling on you will die.
 Alice's leadership again
 out selling apple pie, all
 usual suspects accuse
 each other of "spy and lie!"
 Failure after failure in ring
 of diplomacy met with all
 cheers of "great try!"
 Will make any table unstable.
 Like back stretch cheaters, all 
 doing worst work back in stable.
 Sitting down with the brothers
 Caine and Abel, can we learn
 from this or just another fable?
 Human race has personality flaws
 to include, being selfish, greedy
 and only when in our face go out
 of our way for the needy.............

  Barry McChangky       *&gt;:) devil       QUACK!  

Monday, September 11, 2017


 *:-/ confusedFor those that could sleep
 so into their life misery 
 will not creep Florida still
 stands with many broken
 pieces. Curfews were called
 for and announced but local
 police had to arrest curfew 
 breakers "out for a look!"
 Sounds so San Francisco.
 Then "live media of looters!"
 Tens of thousands down and
 out but looters are out and 
 about! Looters are "allowed"
 to be shot just like knucklehead
 who would steal a man's horse
 in the good old west! Parents of
 these knuckleheads should be in
 "court for good slap for unleashing
 their kids on society without first

 Life goes on with drama of storm.
 That is always the norm. Racing
 will not be at Belmont due to dark
 days of Monday and Tuesday. But
 plenty of simulcast! What a blast!
 Dark days for me are like Yom Kippur,
 I fast...........

 On this Monday in congress there
 will be no bills to help the homeless,
 stop banks from having "employees"
 break laws for "mo profit" and not
 set aside enough money to help all
 those who have to get lives back......

  Barry McChangky           *&gt;:) devil          QUAVCK!

Sunday, September 10, 2017


 *:(( cryingBeautiful day here in San Francisco
 with great temps and sun. What a day
 to walk around having fun. What of all
 those having none? Are you home on
 this wonderful day watching the tube?
 What will you have that is LIVE? Will
 it be pro football or The Catastrophe?
 Will a knucklehead get over goal line
 to make you cover and feel fine or
 will be watching your fellow Americans
 at this horrible time? Worst is yet to 
 arrive and there will be no one to thrive.
 First respondents will may have to dive
 to help find anyone alive........or are you
 more concerned about covering..........

 Time for children of Alice to give finger
 to those in palace of malice and come
 together and begin to HEAL! DON'T BE
 A HEEL! Even Tommy the deaf, dumb
 and blind kid can feel..............don't turn
 back at time of national appeal..........

  Barry McChangky           *:-? thinking            QUACK!


 *X( angryIt's all about weather in Florida
 and earthquake in Mexico. Our
 north America is being pummeled 
 by Mother Nature and it's a fight
 man can only lose. How many are
 already singing the blues is lost
 to absence of clues. Sunday media
 shows have crews in place to put
 a face on this catastrophe. No way
 will not be pretty.........

 National media has taken timeout 
 for opiate addiction and homeless. 
 No headway on either issue. But
 word from Alice's palace of malice
 are that Trump and DEM's spoke!
 Waiting for bottom line on this joke.
 Just other day all hoped other would
 croak, and not like a frog. 

 Had missed opportunity for nice win
 yesterday with $66.00 horse only to
 lose next race. Tough pace and there
 is today. Life is good.............

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer        QUACVK!  

Saturday, September 9, 2017

DOLLAR STORE SHOPPER.........................

 At seventy one years today
 I have secret to say, "I'm a
 Dollar Store Shopper!"
 That's who I am!
 Dollar Store Shopper!
 Look to my left, then
 look to my right. Everything
 I see is affordable in sight.
 Living month to month I
 don't take that light. Rather
 not be broke so I live tight.
 Didn't plan life that way,
 but living with enough day to day
 is a life that is okay. Never down
 on my knees to pray. Just get bang
 for my buck and life never sucks. 
 Look at life of ducks hanging in a
 window of a Chinese grocery. 
 Learned to fly but not to duck.........

 But not for food and never go out
 to get fries and a Whopper! Too
 old to handle Harley chopper and
 do remember The Big Bopper! And
 know this cool guy at The Love Shack
 called Hopper. Every once in a while
 a patient will walk in that is heart stopper!
 Love Cagney saying, "you dirty copper!"
 I'm just a dollar store shopper............ 

  Barry McChangky           *&gt;:) devil         QUAVCK!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY..........................................

 *~^o^~ cheerWoke this birthday Saturday
 morning and ready to howl!
 Lived to seventy one and along
 the way had days wanted to
 throw in the towel, but didn't.
 So here I am in San Francisco
 and although a little slow still
 able to be on the go...............

 Got out yesterday with $12 late
 pick 4 paying $153.00. Not a 
 handsome ransom but bailout 
 and winner for the day. Here we
 again with bets already in. Did I
 bet more than a fin? To bet less
 on birthday would be a sin.......
 Going to have brunch of shrimp
 egg foo young with great sauce.
 Yes, leftovers with glass of wine
 to make me feel fine, Tapestry...

  Barry McChangky     *&lt:-P party       QUAVCK!

Friday, September 8, 2017

STUMBLED OUT OF THE GATE......................

 *?@_@? studyingOvercast Friday morning here
 in San Francisco. Opening day
 back in New Yawk at Belmont. 
 First race I bet wrong horse when
 I failed to check before submitting. 
 Race is off and I realize horse bet
 is not 5-1 shot but even money
 favorite who stumbled out of gate!
 Horse I wanted to bet is run down
 at wire. Lose second race to horse
 that long is long shot.I started off
 new meet not hot..........

 Tomorrow will enjoy good food and
 wine when I dine to celebrate another
 birthday. Oye veh! seventy one.........

 Barry McChangky            *~^o^~ cheer        QUAVCK! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

JUST ANOTHER DAY................

  *&gt;:) devilWeather has cooled bringing
 back morning fog with slight
 drizzle. Sun trying for early
 afternoon break through.
 This morning 800,000 neighbors
 awoke to not knowing what is
 going to happen to their lives. 
 Congress back in session with
 long list of problems to be solved.
 What, when and how will anything
 be resolved?
 Dark until Friday at Belmont. Will
 not find much interest at Monti. On
 days of live racing at Golden Gates
 fields are typically five to six horses.
 Five or six jockeys dividing up days
 pay and for betters...........

 I'll just sit on the dock of the bay,
 happily passing day away.....

  Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party       QUACK!


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

NOT JUST ANOTHER DAY........................

 *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!This morning attorney general
 stepped out and announced "our"
 president's plan to disenfranchise
 from our nation close to a million
 illegals who came as children. If
 this is not a case for second chances
 to people who grew up here? Great Wall
 of China was designed to keep invaders
 inside after invasion. Integration, baby! 

 New neighbor has put out his flag, the
 pirate flag. Crossbones and all! Quiet
 morning in neighborhood with so many
 taking advantage of low after holiday fares.
 Rest have gone back to work. Can use a 
 beam me up like Captain Kirk..............

 No New Yawk racing today. Barns moving
 to Belmont for fall meet. Some horses will
 disappear along the way. REMEMBER! It's
 still bar b q season back east and one must
 be able to distinguish between whip and grill

   Barry McChangky             *8-&gt; day dreaming              QUAVCK!

Monday, September 4, 2017

LABOR DAY...........................

 *&lt:-P partyLABOR DAY!
 Day of year for no labor
 for pay, entertain with
 bar b q and beer. To all
 of Alice's kids a time to
 party and cheer. Forget
 about daily world of fear.
 Next week schools open,
 congress returns to work
 and in palace of malice day
 to network on twitter. Not
 that I am bitter but we need
 a Texan like Tex Ritter........

 Last days of summer which
 is always a bummer and last
 day of Saratoga meet. ROI is
 need of some heat but track
 condition is muddy and with
 two year old and many scratches
 in many races a tough day for
 getting out ahead. BUT, in ninth
 race there is a Dallas Stewart/Joel
 Rosario connection. Name of horse
 is GIVEMEAMINT. Racing secretary 
 laughed him off at 20-1. At worse I
 will be another $50 down or will get
 enough back to return Friday for
 opening of Belmont. Will be first 
 Saratoga losing meet. Tonight will
 grieve or eat red meat............

 North Korea busy firing/testing own
 missile and payload capability. When
 World War Two ended and Korea was
 left off western world's theater of interest
 and bordering China that was about to
 chase out Chang Ky Cheik scenario was
 set for Orwell's war out there. To add to
 "Alice's despair" on this holiday are "our
 fellow Americans" in Houston. Prez to
 unleash laws breaking up more families.

 Weather cooler than yesterday but looks
 like humidity will rise and fog returns. For
 "the homeless" a slight break.............

  Barry McChangky            *:D big grin           QUACK!     

Sunday, September 3, 2017

SUNDAY MOURNING COMING DOWN......................................

 *&gt;:) devilOvernight news about another
 North Korean missile launch
 with  hydrogen bomb attached.
 All that is needed is minimization
 of "the bomb" and resistance to
 heat on reentry. Then Sunday
 morning talking heads assured
 the Houston population congress
 is not ready to come together for
 "instant help." There are seventy
 two fires burning on west coast.
 Temperatures inland in three digits.
 My apartment for first time in fifteen
 years is over 100. Not humid like a 
 good old sandbag bunker..........

 Alice's allies are asking why about
 everything coming from Trump. OUR
 IN WHOLE WORLD! Japan and South
 Korea not sure if nations have career.
 or are they just day jobbers for clan
 in palace of malice.......... 

 Media pushing hard on story of "Alice's
 kids helping each other!!!!" Only coming
 together in period of desperation. What
 will Prez's supporters say about spending
 "trillions$$$" not bullshit 15 billion now 
 talking point of all behind Prez in congress.
 Houston will never be the same..........

 Saratoga is muddy! Great day not to bet
 but my ROI going into last day of meet
 tomorrow will need an adjustment. Last
 chance at Saratoga meet to bring home 
 the bacon..............

   Barry McChangky             *~^o^~ cheer            QUACK!      

Saturday, September 2, 2017

HOT AGAIN................................

 *~^o^~ cheerHot in apartment like
 it was back in bunker
 days of Nam. On top
 of that chalk beat me 
 up while I was busy 
 winning. I call this bet
 winners for sinners. 
 You get to win everything
 but the money honey! This
 is not funny............ Losing
 money on winning tickets.

 On this labor day weekend
 all seems quiet in world. Not
 in any part of Houston, or
 on streets of Alice in way too
 many places. Finding "new"
 place for homeless known as
 "The Chases!"  Too many have
 turned back on burned out faces.

 Plenty of entertainment to keep
 all of Alice's kids busy. Funny
 that on day off it's called Labor
 Day. Made difference when there
 were there is
 only illusions..........

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party      QUACK!   

Friday, September 1, 2017


*&lt:-P party Walked passed my heat
 thermostat and was over
 while watching  Law and
 Order Detective Fontana
 says to a hooker in best
 New Yawk/Philly ascent,
 "Were you in room 823
 a little while ago?" So I
 called back east to Rhoda
 who is on her way to bet...

 Lost nose pick 4 photo to
 chalk that did not show up
 on my spread sheet. Can't
 get worked up in this heat!
 So I bet late pick 4 just to
 show losing battle is not a

 Houston? CAN YOU HEAR ME?
 Or is Trump playing it quiet?
 Will "we" see another riot? 
 How many will end up homeless
 on the welfare diet? According
 to mayor of this deluged city who
 is crying out for pity problem is
 for water to drain through to what 
 was once "plains." Planet is too old
 to look back one hundred years as 
 a reference point............Time to roll
 up sleeves and a joint and join in a
 rescue of "your fellow Americans..."

  Barry McChangky         *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK!