Sunday, November 19, 2017

SUNDAY MORNING WITH SUN..................................

 *?@_@? studyingWonderful Sunday morning in
 San Francisco with gloom and
 doom on Sunday morning news
 shows. All gathering like crows
 for leftovers and just week until
 Thanksgiving, EVERYBODY is
 coming out with a shout ready
 for court ten round bout. So who
 is not guilty and who is walking
 around flinching from sound of
 being closed in on? 

 No or little news about "end" of
 fighting in city without pity far
 away and name of place I an't

 Only news in Opiate War at home
 is do more with less and go pray
 a real honest to goodness bless.
 War on homelessness has been a
 failure and still a mess. What is now
 happening in Puerto Rico I do not
 know I must confess. and on and on.

 No racing  at Aqueduct today due to
 high winds. But Mike Smith has two
 mounts at Del Mare back to back. It
 may be worthwhile double for very
 little trouble. Modest hansom ransom
 for return............

  Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party        QUACK!    

Saturday, November 18, 2017

ANNUAL EDUCATION FIGHT..............................

 *&lt:-P partyBeautiful Saturday morning for
 San Francisco residents. Chill
 for weak or ill but doable. Last
 night and other nights all over
 land of Alice are fights for more
 tax dollars to educate children.
 Yes, OUR children. Importance
 of teachers down played by
 those that benefited from "good

 Ongoing search for primordial 
 roots of The Bronx Tao found
 "entire" saying that is on many
 lips in "shortened form." This
 is "as original" as  so far found.

 Those that can, do.
 Those that can't teach
 "those that can, HOW TO!"

 Only an idiot believes "just born
 smart" is how I arrived.........

 Teachers in any area that is known
 as "preferred living distance" now
 is not affordable on salaries now at
 record lows. Only YOU can prevent
 education disaster................ 

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil       QUACK!    

Friday, November 17, 2017

FRIDAY MORNING............................

 *>:) devilNice morning temps with
 clear sky, no fog and life
 looks like Mom's apple pie.
 Must get out  today after
 morning horse handicapping. 
 Aqueduct has been chalk that
 can make one unable to talk.
 Make knucklehead throw balk.
 GOP has problems among their
 own members with some wanting
 others dismembered. Does not
 want one remembered, on election
 day next month in Alabama. Do you
 Went with party of humps. 
 DEMs looking like chumps.
 Houston still does not have
 enough pumps and remember
 Puerto Rico in the dumps? 
 How many for The Donald
 ready to "take" lumps?
 Who is drying out hiding
 with diagnosis of "the mumps?"
 Will new tax bill help economy
 or make it slump? Watch upcoming
 in party fight and see who jumps 
 after hearing from Mr. Trump? 

 Barry McChangky         *:O) clown         QUACK!


Thursday, November 16, 2017


 *>:) devilRain came last night to
 San Francisco and still
 raining this Thursday
 morning. Sky is ugly
 and boring. In good old
 New Yawk City or better
 known as town without
 pity it's cloudy but turf
 is firm.............

 Going for early pick 4
 with first winner for this
 ongoing sinner in the bag. 
 Not sending up pole any
 victory flag just trying to
 throw the flag and get that
 meter running. In seventh
 race a five star pick for me
 is the 10. Straight double
 to 5 in eighth. Pick three to
 finish off day of 10 with 5 and
 in ninth Dylan Davis on the 2.
 Don't need big investment to
 pick up a few................

  Barry McChangky       *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fw: Welcome Home!


On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 12:38 PM, Mike Schechter wrote:

Thanks for braving the cold to meet your grandbabies! I'm proud to report that on the day you left it was colder in Anchorage than in the city formerly known as Barrow.  
Love Mike.........

BACK TO THE RACES................................

 *~^o^~ cheerAnother day not at 
 the races but look to
 cover all my bases. 
 Window is on my
 computer and screen
 to watch, LIVE! Am now
 alive after two in late pick 4.
 Need a price in last two races
 to show real profit. ROI, baby!

 Checking mail for photos from
 Northwest Scheckeys! Have
 been walking on air staying out
 of comfortable chair. Just had
 delivered Escape From NY Pizza.
 Cracked open last bottle of Tapestry
 and trying to win a few scheckels.
 Eighth race coming up..........
 Spoke to buddy Billy back east in
 town of New Rochelle and is in 
 touch with the crew that drank lots
 of straight from barrel brew.....

 Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party          QUACK!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

TUESDAY AFTERNOON.............................

 *:)) laughingHome in San Francisco to
 wonderful warm weather!
 Cranked up heat arriving
 home last night and got
 warm, warm, warm. No
 cloud in sight or storm. 
 Kind of day some wish
 is the new norm. 

 Washington D.C. knuckleheads 
 making less sense than ever
 while denying what they can or
 can not remember. Stimulated
 by stinging media reports. All
 kinds of retorts with threats of
 going tort. Yeah baby, lawyers
 suing lawyers! I would hate to
 pay that bill.............

 By end of year when all those
 knuckleheads are "home for the
 holiday" many will come back 
 from "family meetings" and on
 their tongue will be. "My family
 has asked me to move on with
 my FAMILY LIFE!. "They" need
 me more than ever.........."
 Reality check is Millenniums 
 just love opera of all those in
 closet for years are out after the
 baby boomers ATE THE WHOLE
 THING! Moore got no help from
 "any in leadership of The GOP!"
 Look out mama there is a subpoena
 in hand of that oncoming cop.......
 "He's ALWAYS been a decent man....
 cries the left behind wife of thirty
 to forty years...............Down to local
 Cheers for round of beers.........

  Barry McChangky            *&lt:-P party      QUACK!     

Monday, November 13, 2017

SNOW COVERED MOUNTAINS...................

 *&lt:-P partyI WENT!
 and can't wait for what
 is called summer weather.
 Weather or not will be going
 back to Alaska in SUMMER!
 Met the grandchildren and
 of course are wonderfully
 beautiful. Family doing better
 than just alright. Mike and Kate
 are not cold people but love 
 that cold weather, weather I
 like it or not. 

Great trip except for waiting in
 Seattle for brand new plane and
 I was first on. NO CHAMPAGNE 
 HOURS LATE. I could live with
 that and then cab ride from the
 airport in San Francisco. Cab
 had gimmick that driver put in
 my address and got OFF WRONG
 thank those Uber users that share
 rides that are cheaper than riding
 alone with mileage added by turns
 "computer says so!" Can't speak
 a lick of English but knows dollars
 without any sense......because the
 "computer says so! 1984 Deluxe! 


  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer        QUACK!   

Friday, November 10, 2017

EARLY FRIDAY MORNING............................

 *:-? thinkingUp early for flight to Alaska,
 Going to see new additions
 to the Schecky family. Mike
 has winter clothes waiting.
 Have my Bill Blass Old Man's
 jacket that easily covers any
 cold mornings in San Francisco.

 Middle of night laundry before
 I go so clean clothes upon return.
 Heard Rand Paul has broken ribs
 over who has better lawn or Rand
 baby don't manicure like neighbor.
 Both are doctors....................

 Prez slapping backs and handing
 out fake facts! Only The Donald in
 campaign mode could do that.....

 Saying good night and good bye
 for the weekend. Next stop will be
 Northern Schecky Territory.....

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party      QUACK! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


 *?@_@? studyingWoke up this morning 
 and did not get myself 
 a beer. In my neighborhood
 never see a bear or deer. 
 No Bambi around here. 
 Looking for lady to call dear.
 All this in climate of fear.
 Shadows follow prez every
 where and cabinet appointees
 falling by wayside. Everyone
 has private lawyer and from 
 press want to hide. Alice is 
 beginning to go down slope in
 areas that we used to have pride.
 Lawyers as spokesmen come out
 front and lie. Lawyering becomes
 using language to deceive, mislead
 and tell us we really did not bleed.......

 Prez did not hold up in elections yesterday.
 Are supporters beginning to stay away?
 As in all newly elected officials begin to run
 for reelection.........

  Barry McChangky                *>:) devil           QUACK!   

Monday, November 6, 2017

BEAUTIFUL MONDAY MORNING..........................

 *~^o^~ cheerDay has begun without fog 
 and nothing but sunshine.
 Morning chill is gone and
 8 o'clock Safeway delivery 
 was on time. Life is good.

 Countdown to Alaska trip
 is here and am ready  for
 good round of cheer. 

 Life with prez on road must
 be full of surprises. Does any
 one real know who is coming? 
 For those involved, making living
 off of creating more means of 
 destruction your portfolio just
 spiked. Prez said so................

 Going over to the Love Shack for
 some caramels for trip. There will
 be no smoking allowed as usual.
 On tv showed coming of brand new
 packaging for first of year ya'll can
 smoke and cheer, legally. Price of
 poker is going up...........

  Barry McChangky         *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


 *B-) coolSunday morning with sun
 and chill for San Francisco.
 Out the front window's view
 world looks wonderful. Just
 don't look too hard.

 Prez got in first round of golf
 on Asia trip. Will he play 18
 with North Korea's whip? Put
 arm around shoulder and knock
 off that chip? Will they boogie 
 and get down to see who is more
 hip? Who will be first to put diamond
 in lower lip..............

 Budget that is not a budget beginning
 to work its way through congress. If you
 listen real close will hear George Orwell
 warn of "the commissars." Double talk
 by guys who never walked the walk and
 have skin like chalk. Going to "give" a
 $1200 in your pocket tax break. Look out
 for that slimy snake who is only offering
 shake and bake. Later will ask for it back.

 If the rich have so much money already
 "out of country" why give them more to
 hide? Alice again to be taken for a ride.

  Barry McChangky           *[]==[] exercise             QUACK!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


 *&lt:-P partyLong Saturday afternoon betting
 with two hands at Del Mar and 
 Aqueduct Raceways. No luck in
 pick 5''s losing one in last leg.
 But Gabby Guidet offered up a
 sixty to one shot as "really good
 bet!" Five dollars across board
 and turned into winning day.
 Prez out of country and one can
 only hope he does not act like a
 dope and try to kiss the pope. 
 One never knows........
 Life moves on and another Sunday
 in front of us. In San Francisco it's
 just another day. All stores are open.
 Homeless still copping. Cowboys are
 still roping. Too many are moping....

 Barry McChangky           *>:) devil       QUACK!

Friday, November 3, 2017

FRIDAY AFTERNOON.............................

 Day has been gloomy and
 looks to be same tonight. 
 Spent day betting with both
 hands and got nowhere, 
 Had small winners for sinners
 to stay in the game. After all 
 is that not what we all want....
 One more swing of the bat....

 Local celebration of the dead
 last night including parade.
 In San Francisco there will always
 be something to celebrate. Great
 town that is really being way over
 crowded with humans and Ubers.
 Have three bottles of Tapestry as
 my contribution to Winery Fires.
 2017 will not be good year for wine
 or next few. Come back? No it was
 not called a fire sale. 

 Once again New Yawkers picking
 up pieces and moving on. Tough
 guys all and as we move on will
 find many places with similar faces
 going through terrorist paces......

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil     QUACK! 

Thursday, November 2, 2017


 *>:) devilHere it is.
 Being walked
 down K Street.
 Budget that does
 not budget. YES!
 Middle class taking
 another defeat.
 GOP don't give shit
 about taking the heat,
 only watching for how
 much money donated
 at bottom of relection
 sheet. HEY! HEY!
 THE GROUND.................

  Barry McChangky         *>:) devil          QUACK!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WEDNESDAY IN THE CITY......................

 *:-/ confusedHard to be witty
 following what has
 happened again to
 "our city!" Individual
 from parts here to not
 known and nobody can
 pronounce his name. 
 Now will get round of
 infamous fame. Media
 looking where to put blame.
 Want neat little package in
 time frame. Why aren't there
 "journalists" going to where this
 knucklehead came...........

 Prez makes me feel creepy
 whenever expressing sympathy.
 Never seems to hit sympathetic 
 note as he is driven off in car big
 enough to be called a boat. From
 there to capturing the vote........

 Beautiful day in San Francisco
 with opening day at Del Mar. In
 last race TODAY horse named 
 "KAZAN" is running. Have to bet
 for old time sake.............MINDY!
 MINDY CAN YOU HEAR ME.............

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer        QUACK! 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

LOCK DOWN.........................

 *~^o^~ cheerBack in the day another
 prison term, now a call
 heard somewhere just
 about everyday. Today
 in New Yawk City out on
 a Manhattan street. If you
 listen to daily news one 
 must wonder why we are
 not sitting praying in local
 church pews...........

 Rush to shut down local
 school just in case some
 one wants to be cruel. Of
 the community that is made the
 fool while another generation
 raps how cool. There are those
 hearing lock down begin to drool. 
 Everyday waiting for fall of another

 Gregg Merton wins first and have
 "all" in second race for small ransom.
 They all can't be handsome. Received
 great Halloween photos of grand kids.
 LIFE IS GOOD.............

  Barry McChangky              *&lt:-P party          QUACK!  

Monday, October 30, 2017

CLEANING OUT THE CLOSET................................

 *:(( cryingOn this chilly foggy morning
 in San Francisco Alice's kids
 are cleaning out their closets.
 Everything from prez's men to
 Hollywood characters holding
 up back slapping awards from
 fellow admirers. In Africa in
 another country a dead soldier
 called a homicide. It seems today
 is the day all the crap is hitting
 and you better duck fan! Still
 active The Klan. Puerto Rico is
 still very much in the dark........

 Baseball was great last night. 
 Alice's MLB playoffs still draw
 "us" together in the fall. It's what
 is known as harvest time and what
 started winery fires may have been
 a crime, not mother nature...........

 It is amazing to watch and listen to
 "Alice's phony hero's" when caught
 in the big lie. Then goes out that cry,
 "we are a people of second chances!"
 Off to the dances.............

 Just another morning of neighbors on
 their way to work with phone in hand
 jumping into Ubers. Kids and moms
 with cell phone on ear on way to school.
 Bars getting ready to serve first brew. 
 Sidewalk vendors serving those who walk
 and chew. In Alice's palace of malice some
 are singing, "skip to my Lou...........

 I'm betting at Finger Lakes Dylan Davis in
 sixth and only mount of the day. Dark in
 the city until Aqueduct Friday!

  Barry McChangky             *~^o^~ cheer            QUACK!   

Sunday, October 29, 2017


 *>:) devilWoke this morning in
 San Francisco to fog
 and dampness. Good
 weather is over and
 opened up computer
 to headline of "FINAL
 Was it scheduled end
 of world now at hand?
 Going to live forever,
 strike up the band! 
 No, just final racing day
 at Belmont. Real horrible
 weather and now on to
 Aqueduct on Friday. Must
 have missed a meeting....

 Mike Smith is best kept secret
 for betting winners wherever 
 he races. Have been scoring
 at Santa Anita betting Smith.
 Has two races today and an
 addition is Paco Lopez with
 many mounts.............

 Time for breakfast, Sunday
 morning news shows and to
 hang out during what looks to
 be one ugly day. I hear sound of
 door knocking and warrants 
 hitting the "alleged" wrong doers.
 Just a bunch of losers...........

  Barry McChangky          *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!        QUACK! 

Saturday, October 28, 2017


 *:-h waveAnother beautiful day around
 San Francisco bay. Sun is up
 and hot for rest of day. Quiet
 early this morning with all of
 those things that point to so
 many so complacent. Is all well?
 Is it hot or cold in hell or just 
 where are you standing..........

 After good winning streak and
 able to raise ROI for Belmont
 meet with very handsome ransom
 on yesterday's late pick 4. So I
 went back for more and spread
 but did not win nifty ransom.
 Beamed back to earth............

 Kind of day one can forget  all
 the horror and nonsense of world
 and daily life. Comes down to you,
 kids and wife. But keep out good
 eye for out there still lurking is
 Mack the Knife......................

  Barry McChangky        *>:) devil        QUACK! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

FRIDAY MORNING...............................

 *~^o^~ cheerAnother great day of weather
 for San Francisco. Looking east
 from front window all appears to
 be right. No drug dealer in sight.
 But opiate dealers out there 
 contributing to "The Blight!"
 Prez came up short with latest
 declaration because "his power
 base says no from the right while
 most addicted areas are prez's
 people holding tight.  Meanwhile
 Alice's kids go to bed every night
 full of fright that mama and papa
 could be dead by end of night!

 Morning news only singing part
 of the blues but leaving out any
 useful clues. Watched CBS this
 morning and Charlie Rose sent
 me into mourning with all that
 sleep on his face. Knucklehead
 is a disgrace and ten years past
 keeping up with the pace. 

 Bet early pick 4 but too much
 for pick 5. Multipliers baby, that
 is this game............

   Barry McChangky        *?@_@? studying       QUACK!


Thursday, October 26, 2017

WHAT A GREAT LINE.....................

 *:( sadThe Fats is dead but never
 will his music die. Back in
 early 1960's battle cry of
 teenage boys was all about
 "finding that thrill up on 
 Blueberry Hill!" Of course
 what "had to" come next
 was "The Pill!" Go get that
 thrill without worry about 
 next morning chill..........
 AAAAhhh, convenience!

 Nice sunny day with temps
 at morning normal but by
 afternoon will be abnormal.
 Nothing like San Francisco
 weather. Good day for walk
 around fun while enjoying
 pork/sushi or whatever but
 will be on a bun.........

 This morning had food delivery,
 handicapped today's card at
 Belmont, made steak and eggs
 for breakfast. Life is good........
 but still aware that there is need
 for helping others along..........

  Barry McChangky         *?@_@? studying        QUACK!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

OH WHAT A DAY..................................

 *&lt:-P partyOH WHAT A DAY!
 Hit two pick 4's
 that did not pay.
 Looked at early bet
 that could not get
 out of its  own way.
 Eight straight winners
 for sinners and my take
 was twenty two dollars
 and twelve cents! Does
 that make any sense? 

 Teachers are looking for
 housing subsidies to live
 somewhere near where 
 they teach. Real income 
 for teachers always out of
 reach and all they want is
 decent life for each...........

 Halloween is on the way!
 Get dressed like priests
 on way to pray. Make like
 spokesman with nothing
 at all to say. Sell plans to
 retire or at eighty hire out
 to sell radial tires. Will your
 retirement be like Halloween
 and be one night of mystery?

  Barry McChangky       *o|\~ sing     QUAVCK!