Monday, December 28, 2015

MONDAY MORNING......................................

 Monday morning with full sun
 and moon up at same time. 
 There is real chill in air with temps
 in high thirty's over night. Good to
 have own heater and thermostat!
 Life is good.

 Morning news crying over media
 being responsible for The Don's
 success so far. "They" didn't think
 The Don would coast there as if
 driving new car. Media as it is pretty
 well understood is "news department"
 is in "entertainment division!" HAR! HAR!
 Even George Orwell didn't think owners
 could go that far! Now you know why
 "reporters" hang out in a bar! Have to
 play along to get that star! Look at CBS
 turn Charley Rose into a sit down not
 "stand up guy" while fronting wannabee
 "media types!" YIPES!

 Monti card on menu for today and Alan's
 ex-horse is running and........

   Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer          QUACK! 

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