Tuesday, January 12, 2016

EL CHAPO.................

 Beautiful morning with some
 chill in San Francisco. Seems
 news for last couple of days
 is about El Chapo, drug lord!
 Has done more damage than
 The Lord, way to buy out he
 could always afford. Sitting in
 prison must have been bored, 
 but jailers could not turn down
 an El Chapo reward. Left in cell
 but not ignored and got away.

 Here comes Hollywood ending
 El Chapo did not see? Why did
 Penn not want to see El Chapo
 kept in a pen? When did Penn
 pick up the pen as "activist?" 
 Many survivors of those killed
 would like to give Penn a fist!
 Mexican actress gave new twist
 when added to the mix. Admirer
 of El Chapo must now be pissed
 or El Chapo is living in a mist!

 El Chapo turned sewer rat when
 going underground where after
 all he was found. Sold drugs by
 shipload not by the pound! His
 "business contacts" must be 
 sound, especially in "water banks"
 all that gelt to be found............
 Tomorrow there will be just as much
 drugs in "your neighborhood!" There
 is no way to turn off "demand" for
 drugs in our lifetime...........

   Barry McChangky        *>:) devil      QUACK! 

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