Sunday, January 10, 2016

MEANWHILE 15% LIVE IN................................

 Sunday morning in San Francisco
 with broken up rolling sky to wet
 sidewalks from fog and drizzle. 
 Damp is word of the day while some
 are on way to pray that coming is a
 much better day. Meanwhile, 15% of
 Alice's population lives in poverty.

 Sunday morning media humps are
 still going after Trump. There are
 "those" that say he will vanish like
 sugar in rainstorm to a lump. Even
 with that economic pump? FACTS
 ARE FACTS and Trump looks to 
 change "the game" going pass all
 the also ran or lame. He already has
 a legacy and fame! IN GOLD FRAME!
 Meanwhile, 15% of Alice's population
 lives in poverty...............

 World economy effected by down turn
 in China's economy that is looking for
 an operating table for a lobotomy! Now
 who should "we" trust before going 
 down road to next bust? Is it a must or
 throw "us" some crust? Will there be
 any degree of safety from terrorism?
 Will "smartest" guys in room suggest
 another road, toad or wisdom? Who
 will get Nobel backslapping award for
 a notion while 15% of Alice's population
 lives in close is
 majority to falling to that level?

    Barry McChangky        *:(( crying      QUACK!

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