Thursday, January 28, 2016


 "They" have changed rules,
 now need new look like Lady
 Sings The Blues. You are to be
 further punished with a cruise
 with Candidate Ted Cruz! You
 will be in the news!

 New outfits you will be wearing
 will have Ken and buds staring!
 Will travel to "emerging nations"
 to show how much you care!
 While wearing clothes with flair!
 May do commercial with good old
 Smokey the Bear! Jump into ring
 with WWWrestlers on a dare! NO!
 Can't do it bare!

 Did you think joining a lobby was
 like taking on new hobby? Did your
 "smile" take you extra mile? Heard
 CIA/FBI/Homeland Security have your
 mold shape in secret file? Do you have
 "Lewinsky Advice Channel" on speed
 dial? World can be cruel, instead of a 
 limo send you a you are
 a shiksta that never goes to shule.........

   Barry McChangky          *B-) cool      QUACK!  

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