Sunday, January 3, 2016

WEATHER IT'S.......................

 Weather it's weather or
 Sunday morning political
 talk it looks to be one very
 gloomy day. From all
 directions talking heads
 have made their beds and
 better go back on meds!

 Spending time on all of the
 wrong questions then flying
 off to mid east about weapons. 
 Is changing one's mind learning
 a lesson? Looks like media won't
 be doing no confessing! With all
 candidates are messing and yet
 BLESSING! Who have all those
 other candidates been addressing? 

 Cold, damp morning again here in
 San Francisco. Have a Bogey noir
 movie on the screen and that guy
 never plays Mr. In Between! Last
 night noir movie, 14 Hours! Must see!
 Played Pick 4's for today and have a
 bottle of BV Georges De Latour, 2009.
 Fine wine to dine with end of week 

  Barry McChangky           *:)) laughing        QUACK!

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