Sunday, January 24, 2016


  Sunny and not too chilly 
 Sunday morning around
 San Francisco bay. News
 this morning had plenty 
 to say. Candidates are now
 just beginning to warm up
 and fight is on for ultimate
 loving cup!

 GOP is gunning for Trump,
 somehow hoping someone
 from under him pulls stump!
 Will take more than all of these 
 light weight chumps! In China
 no more overeating or building
 of a golf coarse! No longer an
 afternoon meeting place of all
 underworld bosses! Gluttony is
 now no more than ten coarse's! 
 Aqueduct suffering from winter
 damage to horse racing but not
 at Monticello for trotting and some
 pacing! Bettors are always chasing.

 Here comes Bernie calling himself
 a socialist like someone knows what
 he "really" means. Will it mean we all
 have to pass "the means test?"  Do I
 think he knows best, well he sure is 
 NOT playing it close to the vest! Not
 to believe "money centers will panic"
 if Bernie slides in with Glass-Steigel
 again to begin.........Right on the chin!
 Does not seem like he is into personal
 sin or like some "political whores" bend
 over for a fin! But you never know.......

 Beast has arrived in The East and looks
 like weather is having a feast! Mobility
 has greatly decreased with real numbers
 of killed or stuck yet to be released! And
 in Alaska there was an earthquake this
 morning with little details.........

   Barry McChangky           *>:) devil        QUACK!

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