Saturday, February 13, 2016

BACK IN 1964...................

 Oh what a day! 
 Way back in 1964,
 left home/school by
 the back door. Went
 out into world to find
 a little more. Oh what
 a time to be alive.

 Oh what a day!
 Way back in 1965, 
 great time just trying
 to stay alive in Viet Nam.
 We dropped bomb after bomb
 all the time. World looked to me
 to be one big crime while many
 at home drank tequila and sucked
 on lime. Talking about living large
 while still in their prime. 

 Oh what a day!
 Way back in 1966, Viet Cong busy
 working us over with new trick. So
 many NFG's thought they were slick!
 Burned down villages with Zippo, not 
 cheap plastic Bic! April 5 Charlie shot
 me up! Lt. came under fire to save my
 life! Will I live long enough to have wife?
 Charlie came to finish me with bayonet
 slice and dice! Finished off three Cong
 who never again will eat bowl of rice!
 Live or die just throw of the dice! Just
 like farmer's wife cutting off tails of 3
 blind mice.................

 Oh what a day!
 Mid February 2016, civilization closer
 to world of Soylent Green! Politics is
 still about being mean, others fight to
 make world again green! Walking all
 around coke/heroin feign! Take home
 pay is so damn lean! When was last time
 you were right there on the scene...........

  Barry McChangky          *>:) devil           QUACK!

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