Monday, February 15, 2016


 Another day world is at war,
 Turkey bombing Kurds and
 Syrians running in all directions.
 Reaching some cut off from rest
 of the world and saving some...
 Today drug activity returned to
 Florida Street, not the change 
 residents were looking for......

 Politics in land of Alice has new
 twist on how to take the palace.
 Take hostage supreme court and
 hold it for ransom a whole year!
 Tears in eyes of Smokey the Bear.
 Not from smoke but public looking
 at it as late night t.v. joke. What will
 it take to provoke good folk? Today
 drug activity returned to Florida Street.

 Refugees, immigrants and homeless.
 No homes, but not phone less.
 Whole world is not in touch and for
 some no one should ever touch.
 People travel as world unravels.
 Entertainment to ease next pain.
 As you go through day do you feel
 pain or ecstasy of "The Chain?"
 To make change from what will you
 voluntarily refrain? Today drug activity
 returned to Florida Street...........

   Barry McChangky           *>:) devil      QUACK!


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