Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'M A SELF FUNDER..................

 Another sunny Sunday morning
 after night of colorless politics.
 Everyone could hear all the way
 to the outback down under came
 roar of I am a self funder! To many
 sounded like off in distance thunder!
 The Donald has made political media
 eat another blunder! Doing it his way!

 Sunday morning questions from that
 Clinton lap dog George who was not
 given that name for being a Pullman.
 Always finding something, anything
 positive about a Clinton. Bernie baby
 doing so well that many are coming 
 out to say "SWELL!" Another tree
 George can't fell. But will children of
 Alice hear on going fire bell before
 politicians take us straight to hell?

 Sunny Sunday morning in chilly but
 to get warm today San Francisco. 
 Homelessness is here to stay because
 government says it costs too much to
 do "anything the right way!" Local
 merchants for Super Bowl Sunday
 did the Frank thing, did it their way!
 Then stuffed the dough in their shirts.

 I'm a self funder hopefully will follow
 up talk with political thunder or "we"
 the people will again have blundered.
 Send a message...............

   Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party           QUACK!  

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