Monday, February 8, 2016

MONDAY IN THE SUN..................

 Bright beautiful day for
 celebration of Chinese 
 New Year! I'm playing in
 Cali the year of the monkey
 in a box. You may say in my
 head is rocks but coincidence
 is call to make! In honor today
 I will bake just for medicinal 
 sake. Real stuff, not fake......

 Politicians all the rage on t.v.
 Who is it going to be? 
 Would you vote for one that 
 will set all free or rather live
 in Alice's democracy?
 Are you voting your pocket or
 want to pay billions for next
 Mars rocket? If you want to
 bet then bet on something that
 is NOW and not for some later
 generation's cow! Did you notice
 anything during Super Bowl that
 would tell or show The World
 game was in heart of The Homeless?
 Was cost of ticket just yearly bonus?

 Have to get out today with such fine
 winter weather but don't get to wear
 that fashionable leather. Is it real or

   Barry McChangky       *>:) devil      QUACK! 

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