Wednesday, March 9, 2016

HUSH A BYE! HUSH A BYE..........................

 Chilly wet morning in 
 San Francisco with lots
 more rain on the way. 
 Looks to cover entire 
 bay and for entire day.

 Over in land known for
 western civilization is a 
 fight against refugees
 entering for now. I hear
 Hush a bye! Hush a bye!
 For refugees who will cry?
 Guardian angels will not
 come from above to give
 Euro union real good shove!
 Where oh where is the love,
 where is rose in fisted glove?
 Will eagle fly with the dove?
 If you can't help those who do
 need help far away, help the 
 ones your with! War out "there"
 is not just Orwellian myth......

  Barry McChangky    *>:) devil      QUACK!

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