Monday, March 28, 2016

MONDAY AFTERNOON........................

 Very quiet day around 
 San Francisco bay. Life
 it seems slipped into slow
 motion and I have notion it's
 from voters having enough.
 No one is buying idea that 
 this one or that one tough. 
 We will all know real soon as 
 going gets tough. All that is 
 hanging out there is bluff!
 Trump not talking off the cuff!
 What he knows is not enough!
 Media in panic over Trump as
 he rises to top. Take good look
 around and who will stop? The
 reality is "our" political system 
 has turned into a flop with media
 always pointing to flip flop! News
 should be gathered and harvested
 like any "good" crop! 

 Looked at Monti for a bet but too
 many scratches due to illness. 
 Well I would be sick too if I had to
 run for so little money, honey!

 In Pakistan Christians are bombed
 on Easter Sunday by Taliban. Do you
 remember when Taliban were "our"

  Barry McChangky      *>:) devil     QUACK! 

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