Saturday, March 26, 2016

SATURDAY MORNING...........................

 Sun filled sky on this 
 Saturday morning. E-mail
 from Mike and tomorrow 
 will be a dem sum day!
 Life is good! Morning news
 about mayhem from Oakland
 to Belgium and many points
 in between. Wherever you go
 someone is waiting to be mean.
 In San Francisco a British tourist
 lost all valuables including life to
 pair of drug feigns. Common scene?
 Political front is but a front for rich
 to keep on being rich. Everyone else
 is still picking themselves up from
 2007 ditch when "we" all found out
 who is that witch! Those that stand up
 called a snitch, others hide in a  nitch.
 Can't come to table to negotiate with out
 those at home yelling flip-flopper! 
 Should those that are serious be treated
 by "media" as delirious? 

 Refugees still walking east to west and
 willing to settle for next best. Most are
 poor, few have money to invest. Many are
 asking "they" be put to security test. All do
 not come from same nest and it is time for
 many to stop looking at this in jest. All are
 looking for place to "live" in peace, not to
 lie in peace..........

   Barry McChangky             *&lt:-P party     QUACK!  

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