Thursday, March 31, 2016

THURSDAY MORNING..........................

 Damp morning in San Francisco
 with dark clouds and black fog.
 Quiet here in my household so
 I will wonder out into world today
 and listen to what anyone has to
 say. More than likely will hear all
 about Trump the Hump! It begins
 with morning dump having on 
 mind that Donald chump! Can't
 have breakfast without media
 screaming about The Donald last
 night. Media has realized "they"
 got "him" wrong all along and now
 looking for way out still singing
 their getting very tired song...........

 Hilary and Bernie!
 Hilary and Bernie!
 Go together like chopped
 and liver! This I will give you
 brother, one is going to
 smother the other! MAYBE!
 Become secret lovers!!!!

 Aqueduct has short field races for
 today so I think I will stay away....

   Barry McChangky         *>:) devil     QUACK!

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