Wednesday, April 27, 2016

EVERYONE COMING AROUND...........................

 Everyone on the ground
 is now coming around.
 New messiah been found.
 Still on his feet after tenth
 round with record that's 
 looks to be more sound. 
 Like baby toy been rewound.
 Even makes whining sound.
 HE'S TRUMP! Pound for pound
 as adversaries have found.

 Who can run that can stand up
 to close inspection? Who does
 not mind daily citizen rejection?
 Is it someone thought about during
 reflection or want to see real time
 mirror reflection? One that has same
 Tiny Tim record collection? ONE WHO
 INJECTION? don't hold your breath......

 Thee party system. 
  DEM's and GOP are a flop
 when looking at on beat cop.
 Don't have to search or shop
 for it's The Media. 
 Has longer record than In a Godda Divita!
 Sell you a gallon of gas by the liter........
 As in Wizard of Oz hiding behind curtain 
 is not Saint Peter..........

   Barry McChangky              *~^o^~ cheer      QUACK!

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