Friday, April 29, 2016

FRIDAY IN SAN FRANCISCO.....................

 Wonderful day for those living
 in San Francisco. Little chill to
 go with wind and sun. Nice to
 sit out at Dem Sum Palace to
 drink wine, have some dem sum.
 Not me. Opening day racing at
 Belmont and tried to raise a sum.
 Had good method, good picks and
 not a lot of good luck. But picked a
 couple and unlike ducks hanging by
 neck in Chinese grocery I ducked!
 Like little red head said, TOMORROW!

 Life for most people in world not as
 good as mine and all those lucky to
 wake up in land of Alice. Even with
 horrible knuckleheads fighting for a
 right to live in palace and become a
 target of everyone's malice! Living in
 world of The Callus. 

 Racing for dollars in land of Alice.
 Fighting for land without plans all
 over mid-east. Home of Greatest
 Biblical Beast! Most of Euro Nation
 have regular religious holiday feast.
 Alaska in trouble because price of oil
 has not increased. Plans to stop Putin
 and Trump have ceased. Idea of world
 democracy is deceased........... 
 Time for wooden boxes and sitting shiva.
 Time to drink to kill the liver. Sit and let
 time flow like a river.............

  Barry McChangky        *;) winking       QUACK!

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