Friday, April 22, 2016

GOODBYE PURPLE RAIN........................

 News this rainy Friday morning
 to include the blues for after all
 it's death of one who paid dues.
 Prince is gone, so long..........
 Is all this immediate outpouring
 of grief right or wrong? In "our"
 hearts does he belong? Why does
 "the media" immediately "tell us"
 we "should be feeling pain?"Rain!
  Politicians, old soldiers and then
 ENTERTAINERS! More grief at loss
 or at a loss for feeling no pain? 
 For me not hard to
 let me make it plain. How much do
 we have to look other way to say
 "oh what a great loss?" 

 Death of Prince has not knocked
 off "The Prince Donald"  from first page!
 Mild mannered GOP-ers full of rage?
 Will Alice's favorite color become beige? 
 By the way, are you earning a living or
 minimum wage? 

 Rain with mixed skies for San Francisco
 today and I'll be around to play, HORSES!

   Barry McChangky             *>:) devil         QUACK!

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