Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AFTER MOURNING TELEVISION............................

 Woke up this Tuesday morning
 to watch media types conforming.
 Chal'y Rose and The Inside Gang
 out to show some political fang. 
 Obvious by use of slang all show
 up when Pavlovian bell rang....

 The Donald is on top but GOP is
 still out there to shop. Hilary and
 Bernie Show should go on. Lady
 regular keeps asking why Bernie
 don't quit if mathematically out?
 She's deaf to roar of crowd's shout!
 Fight fan looking for one round bout.
 She is the agenda of doubt!

 Circle of self promoting media types
 speaking to disapproval ratings of all
 candidates. No other plan to date but
 it's time for The Media not to skate. 
 McChangky is throwing out the bait!
 Voters who are unhappy Dems and
 don't want Trump but find Hilary to be
 same old hump need at voting table
 a "place." Line to vote on when you
 find mainstream candidates a disgrace.

 Should "third party" gather one third
 of national vote election is a "do over!"
 What better way to carry out constitutional 
 obligations of "The Citizen"  "to vote" and
 SHOW OUR GOAT! Who do "you" want to
 live in Alice's palace to end malice?
 TRY IT! YOU'LL LIKE IT! That "The Media"
 has not proposed should give all a fit......

 Time for breakfast, handicapping races
 at Plainridge 1/2 mile oval and bet Greg.
 So glad Al pulled my coat...............

  Barry McChangky             *~^o^~ cheer        QUACK!

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