Friday, May 13, 2016

FRIDAY MORNING......................

 Friday has come with mixed
 fog and drizzle. Will warm up
 but not into a sizzle. Weekend
 may not fizzle.

 Bet late pick 4 for today with
 6. 2 11 9 with
 7. 1 5 8 with
 8. 1 2 6 11 with
 9. 2 6 7 12 $72.00 bet

 While I'm betting horses at
 Belmont, Alice's kids are looking
 for bet against Mr. Donald Trump!
 The third party, The Media backed
 openly by CBS is for Hilary baby.
 CBS Morning Show with three deaf
 teleprompter readers asking over
 and over, "why don't Bernie get out
 and at Trump Hilary can shout!" In
 any Clinton I have doubt. But who 
 can stand up to media clout? Well it's
 The Donald! Maybe, just maybe the
 Builder Donald has "master plan" to
 rebuild Alice including the homeless!
 Like song goes, "maybe I'm a dreamer,
 but one never knows.........."

  Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party      QUACK! 

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