Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GARBAGE DAY..................................

 Woke this Wednesday morning
 to sky for those in mourning, 
 Got morning news that's not at
 all rewarding, goes great with
 morning garbage collection. 
 GOP has put forward their next
 selection who must stand up to
 total inspection. Cruz baby to go
 live in rejection! May stay around
 to just refuse to say I lose!

 Now that "we" know it will be Trump
 are you ready to swallow a lump?
 Third Party Media is ready to jump
 but will out of "them" make a chump!
 The Donald is ready for this fight and
 will take it serious and not light. Will
 out of Bernie and Hilary take a bite? 
 Which one to win fight will go all the
 way into the night.......great ending on
 those scary characters......

 Yet to hear about all those issues now
 overcooked on back burners. There is
 homelessness, opiate dependency all
 over Alice and may even be found in
 The Palace of Malice. Lets be real and
 admit there is no immigration problem.
 "WE" were born to accept immigrants.

   Barry McChangky          *>:) devil        QUACK!

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