Sunday, May 1, 2016

SUNNY SUNDAY..........................

 Nice weather for San Francisco
 on this May Day Sunday. Will any
 radical fringes make an appearance?
 Or will it be day of looking other way?
 Three political parties this morning
 did have a say. Dems, GOP-ers and
 The Media out early, strong on attack
 from where there is no looking back.

 "GET TRUMP!" Last gas station before
 election to fill up against TRUMP! 
 "GET TRUMP!" Can't promise sirloin
 but it has to be better than rump!
"GET TRUMP!" Putin will look across
 table, ask who is THAT CHUMP?
 "GET TRUMP!" Did The Donald "really"
 ask if Hilary throws great hump?"

 Mystery of election is "Third Party" or
 The Media. Questions right out of dump
 and never get to all those "back burner"
 issues like homelessness, opiate and
 coke dependency, illiteracy and........
 Why don't interviewers ask questions
 that tell us candidates "know about" subject
 and not just know of it..................

  Barry McChangky             *:-? thinking            QUACK!       

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