Thursday, June 2, 2016

HERE I AM................

 Here I am in Monticello
 morning after arriving
 on red eye. Won't tell
 you a lie felt little beat up.
 But made races at Monti
 Hit super for 20 cents to
 put me up one eighty.
 Had diner with Neil and
 fell asleep real early. When
 Alan called at eight p. m. did
 not know if it was night before
 or morning after.

 Started morning with Breakfast
 at Tilly's! Blueberry pancakes.
 on the short stack with bacon.
 Back to room for medication and
 now in office getting IMPORTANT
 information for Belmont. Have to
 say, LIFE IS GOOD! Now for some
 more medication and ON TO THE

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party      QUACK!

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