Saturday, June 25, 2016

SATURDAY MORNING.........................

 Saturday morning, time for
 lox, eggs and onions with
 poppy bagel with cream 
 cheese smear. It's a good
 morning for kicking back
 and taking in week's change
 of heart in European Union!
 With workers of Alice can now
 throw a reunion! World of 
 western workers have had more
 than enough but in this world of
 Mick Jagger enough is never going
 to be enough! Enough of that.....

 Mainstream media still beating old
 drum of what is should be. If you
 speak to change "they" arrange to
 make it sound like "flip-flopper!" 
 These wanna-bee one per-center's 
 want to KEEP WHAT THEY GOT and
 about The People they forgot! 

 European nations including France
 are going to learn new dance. As all
 "white workers" unite for upcoming 
 fight. Immigration is code for white
 people going uptight and of course
 believe "they are right!" Everyone
 from apple wants another bite and
 go to sleep safely at night. My kids
 are mixed up and show no delight. 
 Schools have become ongoing 
 development sites! More getting it
 wrong than right and there is no more
 money in sight! Where oh where is
 that shining knight? Love to see Hilary
 in full armor and not a pants suit......

 Racing card from Belmont looks to be
 good betting situation. So while thinking
 about integration, segregation and even
 constipation of Alice's nation I will feel
 out racing situation...........

   Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party       QUACK!

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