Monday, June 27, 2016

SO WHAT.....................

 Another wonderful morning for
 San Francisco bay and will be
 like that this week, everyday.
 Spiders in my front window
 frame are making claim and 
 that is a shame. Who to blame?

 Another day on stock market
 down and those who had more
 yesterday wearing frown. Is it
 due to feeling of terror by those
 with more than enough by those
 who never have enough? There
 "are those who are saying" Brits
 may not be tough enough! Well I
 say I heard enough and time for
 getting gruff. Those that put back
 into their living HAVE HAD MORE
 Every "coming election" shows a
 worse situation hitting Alice's nation. 
 Why are "we" still fighting battles of
 integration or segregation? Just like
 losers in a democratic election who
 don't like winning selection go into 
 mode of rejection and sign petitions 
 TO DO IT ALL OVER! I rather with a
 lady take a roll in English clover.......

 SO WHAT! Life arrived with sunrise
 bringing another day. Out there are
 fear mongers telling world if you rise
 up against those with economical 
 power like in merry old England be
 So come to San Francisco with flower
 in your hair, you hear!?

  Barry McChangky          *~^o^~ cheer       QUACK!

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