Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 Sunny morning for 
 San Francisco with
 so many out there
 with no place to go. 
 Shuffle around town
 with frown still looking
 for golden crown. Out
 there somewhere many
 daily drown......

 Coffee house chatter as if
 there is nothing that matters.
 Extra large coffee from Java
 and exquisite pastry on platter.
 Like primary or latter? Primary
 is over as Alice cries. Must be
 season of the lie! Anything goes,
 everything can fly just don't say
 when I will die. Politicians can't
 keep us safe, boss won't give us
 raise and who is out there YOU 

 Southwest corner of Alice is on fire!
 Situation for thousands of home owners
 has turned dire! Fire fighters walking
 fire wire. From space whole world must
 appear to be on fire! Your life is tough
 because this very morning had flat tire....
   Barry McChangky          *:> smug        QUACK!   

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