Thursday, July 14, 2016

BASTILLE DAY ATTACK BY........................

 Out there on coast of France
 attack by POWER OF ONE
 came to dance! One driver,
 one truck killing many with

 French celebrating middle
 class attack on The Bastille
 and were attacked by fast
 moving steel. Driver is dead
 so there won't be a "tell us 
 who else and..." deal. Is there
 a day going by that one does
 not feel and reel from arbitrary 
 catastrophe? Out will come 
 usual "for goodness sake plea"
 while around world terrorists 
 sing with banjo on their knee....

 Orwell's "war out there" is here,
 there and everywhere. How often
 do you get feeling of "I better beware!"
 Going to exotic and erotic places has
 become a dare. Wherever "you" go
 better have extortion fare. Like a cab
 ride when "they" throw the flag and
 start the meter your bankroll better 
 not peter out...........

 Today in France another horrific event
 by POWER OF ONE that nations can't
 prevent. None of it is well meant and
 what will be done by Alice's next 

   Barry McChangky         *:( sad       QUACK!

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