Friday, July 29, 2016

FRIDAY IN SAN FRANCISCO....................

 Warm sunny morning to
 begin day in San Francisco.
 Morning buzz is not about
 my cuzz but Hilary and yes
 she did accept, humbly?
 Another few months of two
 knuckleheads trying to tell
 us that "we" should get on
 "their bus!" Going to be a
 lot of lying and fuss. Every
 sore to be picked right on
 down to the puss. Can't you
 just wait? Everyday to see
 who takes daily bait with 
 Hilary being captain of ship
 and Wild Bill her first mate!
 Trump out to tell us all why
 fascism is sooooo great!
 If Trump wins it will be like
 out on date by yourself with
 no friends, enemies or allies!

 Going to do Friday night thing
 at The Bell Tower, Tapestry and
 hopefully good steak and woman
 looking to give me a break........

  Barry McChangky      *&lt:-P party      QUACK! 

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