Saturday, July 16, 2016

MORNING AFTER NIGHT.................

 Another Saturday morning
 after night before with Ray
 O'Sunshine, Tapestry and
 women of The Bell Tower.
 Great welcome by Friday
 night crew with round of
 shots with The Ladies....

 Went back to Rays and for
 awhile continued into night
 but my old age took a bite so
 got cab and was out of sight. 
 Cheese cake was really good
 desert at The Bell Tower where
 every waitress real flower.......

 Turkey had coup de tout attempt.
 Prez looked only a little unkempt.
 Life in Syria not any better with 
 more refugees on the way. "OUR"
 coming election may dismay or not. 
 Way too far down road to have more
 conversation or investigation about
 what "we" should do as nation......
 or who fired "first" shot..........

 Belmont to close and that could only
 Where favorites get buried and 1-9
 favorites buried deep. No time to be
 BETTING LIKE SHEEP! Sheep are for
 lamb and counting to sleep........
   Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party     QUACK! 

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