Friday, July 22, 2016

OPENING DAY...........................

 Started opening day at
 Saratoga betting horse
 that went bust because
 it had no thrust! Not a 
 positive sign but being
 honest about it all is a 
 must. Horse needed more
 than wind at back, needed
 one hell of a gust. Back to 
 analysis table a must.....
 Need to have jockey/trainer 
 you can trust or have very
 large inheritance trust!
 Betting should remain fun
 and never a must or like love
 will turn into steamy lust.....
 we can only hope........

 It is all about Trump!
 Camel without a hump
 but magic in economic 
 pump. Looks like Hilary
 climbing up from sump
 with The Donald already
 getting that good jump!
 From rollout lousy bump
 but is as resilient as good
 old Forrest Gump! Remember
 tune in head during primaries?

 Another professional politician
 falls into garbage dump!
 Hilary and Wild Bill not sirloin
 but jackass rump, who treat rest
 of this world like we are chumps!
 Alice is victim with "star' candidates
 being known to be major humps....

  Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party       QUACK!

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