Friday, July 1, 2016

WHEN EAGLES LAND.....................

 Sound of eagle wings
 fluttering during night.
 Morning brought hell
 of a sight! After very
 long difficult flight
 landed in bank account!
 Precision bombing on
 this fourth of July weekend. 
 Kind on which I depend....

 San Francisco looking to a
 gloomy weather day and
 Billy Boy Clinton entered
 current Hilary political fray.
 OF THE WAY! Stopped at
 airport sitting attorney general
 looking into and at his wife.
 Says it was just part of day and

 The Donald is being Donald and
 who could ask for anything more?
 Man is an ongoing tour! But does
 he know how to fight war? Does
 he peek around corners or just 
 opens THE door? Only much bigger
 problems around world keeps any
 serious politician from laughing and
 rolling around on floor! HE DOES
 leave crowd to roar and look real
 closely to see The Donald is being
 tracked by Corps of the Hard Core!
 People no one should ignore...........

 FOURTH OF JULY and time to tell
 same old Americana lie! Why be shy
 and leave so many wondering what
 has happened to "us"  and with "our"
 political lives coming to fork in road
 do "we" do The Yogi thing and take it?
 Or make right turn and fake it? 
 Enjoy the joy of bar b q and beer while
 putting away for today all that fear.....

   Barry McChangky           *>:) devil       QUACK!

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