Friday, August 5, 2016


 Cool evening in San Francisco
 with many on way to Golden  
 Gate Park for free concert. Will
 be chilly night so don't dress light.
 Life goes on while world of media
 carries on about election without
 selection. Who ever wins is survivor 
 of pure unadulterated dejection,
 Who wants to stand up and say,"I am
 winner of lesser of two evils!" 

 Seems less matters as globalization
 spins our world. Turning class against
 class into one mass. On this I like to 
 take a pass. The cell phone. Mass
 produced and "everyone has to have
 one to hold and keep in touch!" Of this
 I don't think much. So many walking
 down street and hoping not to run into
 or meet. Hoping never to miss a beat!
 "I fit in" yells to world. But fit into what?
 Hit small pick 4 today and that is okay.
 As long as it pays.........

  Barry McChangky           *B-) cool        QUACK!  

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