Monday, August 15, 2016


 Another chilly morning into
 afternoon and will be getting
 warmer with coming of moon. 
 Warmer at night with chill and
 temps changing during night.
 Greeted by morning fog fright.

 Daily life as always depends on
 where you are standing or not.
 No matter where you are some
 time during night hear gunshot!
 Is how safe you are depends on
 how much you got or working 
 for government in high security 
 slot? As daily violence increases
 more will get lone wolf shot? Not
 safe is small tot or sunbathing 
 beauty shot on sunning cot.....
 Just another day of those who
 have and those who have not.

 When will "media types" reread
 George Orwell and confess that
 all "those wars out there" NOW
 are wars he warned against THEN!
 Daily stickup men have anti-terrorist
 troops on them if shooting is done.
 For small time hood in way of having
 some fun.........

 On all those unemployed white workers
 you got the jump. National elections need
 ongoing bump and STOP ACTING LIKE A
 HORSES RUMP! Globalization has turned
 Alice's nation into economic civil war!
 Those that have want more!
 Many live in ghetto without real store!
 ALWAYS have to pay more!
 Rich are building fenced communities
 with even larger door with sign saying
 Corps of hard core rich never snore, fall
 asleep along illegal private beach at shore.

    Barry McChangky            *>:) devil             QUACK!

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