Wednesday, September 7, 2016

GARBAGE DAY, AGAIN...................

 Life is good this morning with
 verification of all bills paid. All
 I need is a maid, spiders living
 in front window frame to refrain. 
 Just cruising down road picking
 out my lane. No longer concerned
 about missed opportunities now
 down the drain............

 Now politics is a game where idea
 is not to make anything plain. Verbs
 and adjectives hooked together in a 
 grotesque chain. Check out polls
 everyday for gain or pain. Outsiders
 looking in at land of plenty must find
 "us" pretty insane. Beef so good from
 all that grade "A" grain. Friday night at
 Harris's Steak House will celebrate with
 desert at The Bell Tower! Seventy will
 only come once and looking back I say
 "I can look back..........."

  Barry McChangky           *&lt:-P party      QUACK!   

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