Thursday, September 29, 2016

RETURN TO FOG........................

 Fog thick as Martin DePorres
 Friday noon pea soup! Just
 not as delicious. Weather in
 New Yawk at Belmont not wet
 but looking gloomy. Does it
 have any effect on horse racing?
 Only miserable jockeys covered
 in mud. 

 Election chatter about subjects 
 that don't really matter unless
 your character from Wonderland
 called The Mad Hatter! Election
 coming will have all time low for
 voting shattered. It is hard to say
 voting today does matter when 
 left to giving positive reinforcement
 to negative behavior and HOPING,
 AGAIN!!! AMEN...............

 Wells Fargo may show fear in politicians
 and bankers at The Showdown!. Real
 knucklehead sitting at head of Wells Fargo
 table spoke same old fable. Thought I heard
 Brenda Lee singing, "I'm Sorry!, So Sorry!"
 But without demand from the dais to give 
 back part of that money stack, Jack! The
 chairman of the board would have gone back
 to "well it's all okay, boys! Let's buy new toys!"
 Unless there is jail time attached no lesson to
 be learned, again............

 Bet some pick 4's for today and will watch a
 few and head out into the world. Chilly with a
 look of dreary...........

  Barry McChangky              *&lt:-P party             QUACK!

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