Saturday, October 1, 2016

EAGLES LANDED......................

 Gently out of predawn sky
 The Eagle landed in my nest.
 Bringing only the very best!
 Compensation from Alice's
 nation! On with my day.......
 Wonderful sun and bit of chill
 coming in from Potrerro Hill.
 Saturday morning news very
 empty for anything tragic. Not
 a word on the homeless, crime
 or refugees by the millions. Not
 to say or put down cute pet or
 child's story but "we" all know
 out there to beware and Uncle
 Sam said you better pay your
 "fair" share! The Donald shows
 "about us he don't care!" Really
 can see for Putin the Donald doing
 duet with dancing Russian bear!
 Overheard from Smokey the Bear
 "bear that will do duo with Russian
 bear about Alice will not care or for
 sure not share!"  Out there some
 where lurks Pants Suit Hilary..........

   Barry McChangky        *(:| yawn        QUACK!

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