Thursday, October 13, 2016

I HEAR EVERY MOTHER SAY..........................

 Woke up this morning in
 San Francisco to hear
 every mother say there is
 not jobs for hubby worth
 the pay. Won't be living for
 long where we stay and why
 bother going to church to pray?
 Why think about tomorrow when
 miserable today? Is this election
 theater and just another coming
 Broadway play? I hear Otis gave
 up singing down at dock of the bay.

 I hear every mother say 
 kids and world are much
 different today! Thought
 we were teaching culture
 but was really decay. Still
 living in world of right and
 wrong, left and right with no
 changing of mind in sight.
 World is on course of luxury
 or blight after "The Corps of
 Hard Core" put up brave and
 final fight.............

 If Bernie was not such a political
 whore he would have stayed in election
 and took from Pants Suit Hilary some of
 her supporters with his and ALL THOSE
 PLACE TO GO...... just saying............

   Barry Mcchangky          *~^o^~ cheer        QUACK!    

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