Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SUN HAS ARRIVED.............................

 Tuesday morning sun for
 San Francisco and points
 around bay. Early sounds
 of morning with many birds
 and Scavenger Refuse out
 with numerous trucks. 

 Media has written off GOP
 and closing in on The Don.
 Talking heads rejoicing in
 own power to help in total
 destruction of those with 
 an opposing opinion. Rose
 this morning looking like 
 knucklehead mourning but
 was enjoying another step
 in direction of globalization. 
 CBS is no friend of "nation." 
 No power to the people but
 will keep helping eye on feeble. 

 Rained out yesterday after nice
 start to day. Netflix most of day.
 Leftover Chinese in omelette with
 fresh Italian sausage. Wine from
 local deli, red.....nuff said
   Barry McChangky       *#:-S whew!      QUACK!


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