Thursday, October 20, 2016


 Top of the morning on
 this birthday of Michael,
 son of Barry. Will be in
 from Hong Kong for a
 layover in San Francisco
 and dem sum. Life is good!

 Not so good for kids of Alice
 who after three debates is to
 be found hiding in palace. 
 Kids of The Baby Boomers
 EXPECT so much more and
 frown on all that are poor.
 For immigrants still not ready
 to open door and not want to
 defend "ally trading partners"

 What land of Alice is going to
 look like under Barbie or Ken's
 leadership. After election will
 Alice's kids be listening to "We
 go together........" oldie but goody
 out of past there is no going back to.

 Betting pick 4's today and "hope"
 to make them pay. I haven't had any
 hope since I was sixteen and Hope
 baby gave me all the "Hope" I could
 handle. Yes, life is good............

   Barry McChangky         *&lt:-P party      QUACK! 

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