Sunday, November 20, 2016


 Another off the hook rainy day
 in San Francisco and racing is
 cancelled at Aqueduct due to
 extreme weather. Talking heads
 of Sunday media circuit got it
 right about division of nation
 and Trumps appointees show
 clear line of revision. What do
 you hear, say or taste is not
 only about vision that is really
 missing in national dialogue.

 Do you believe character of
 great bald eagle represents 
 who we are or who we wish 
 we are? Do you wish upon a star?
 Do you know difference between
 leather and pleather? Found out
 antique is really veneer? Does 
 world see strength of bald eagle
 or grey barnyard owl that turns
 head 360 degrees to always be
 able to look other way..........

 Sound of ex-generals marching
 to new posts for White House.
 No one will hear speaking back,
 not even a mouse.
 In this situation dividing nation
 with two party's entrenched.
 Some institutions to be benched.
 Will it be law and order or cold slaw
 with side of disorder? Last good time
 to get this side of border...........

  Barry McChangky          *:( sad         QUACK!

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