Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ELECTION MESSAGE...........................

 Morning after election of
 unusual selection those
 talking heads are still at it.
 Why did The Donald take
 "them by surprise?" All
 were too busy swallowing
 Big Macs and fries. "They"
 never heard while being part
 of "the herd" but all act just
 like pathetic nerd. The Don
 heard "call of the warrior!"
 From all those that have been
 cast aside as "upper class goes
 ahead leaving what is left of that
 group once called "middle class"
 behind to die without any golden
 parachutes to soften fall. While so
 many busy spending at the mall
 many were pushed harder against
 the wall. Washington failed to answer
 call being busy raising money for the
 next presidential ball. 

 Waiting for generation that took good
 beating at hands of "smartest guys in
 the room" while one time engineers
 are handed a broom. Wild ladies of
 places like Berkeley would like to see
 immediate end to pollution without
 any economic solution that "makes it
 all right" to leave some behind to die.
 Yesterday "they" spoke up and now....

  Barry McChangky          *>:) devil       QUACK!  

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