Saturday, November 26, 2016

"OUR" RED IS DEAD..........................

 Late last night heard about
 New World's Revolutionary
 Knight! Fidel the Red is dead.
 Long live The Revolution which
 was an alternate solution to 
 Alice's pollution. Communism
 as an institution leads unlike all
 economic solutions not to greed.
 Russia early planted bad seed and
 out of need for speed collapsed
 under its own weight. China follows. 
 "Our" smartest guys in room only
 get it right for right price. For rest of
 us "better get lucky with dice!"

 Rainy season has returned. Lots of
 rain for San Francisco and all those
 outdoor pot plants coming out of
 ground for harvest round. On your
 local medicinal and recreational pot
 pharmacy's shelf! Life has got better.
 Lots of tax dollars in them plants....

 Looking at pick 4's for today at Aqueduct
 Good card but some questionable races
 that will take me through analyst ability.
 For rainy afternoon better than saloon!
 Bong is handy........that's pretty dandy!

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil        QUACK! 

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