Saturday, November 5, 2016


 Noisy day in neighborhood
 with house being torn apart
 from inside. Closed door and 
 tried to hide. Hit late pick 5 for
 nice bite out of track.

 World of politics goes on and
 on. How Alice got to this point
 no one wants to admit. Ball fell
 from catcher's mitt and brought
Alice's kids to this world of shit!
 No such thing as one size fits all.
 Will you go if invited to presidential
 ball or say "did I miss that call?"
 Like weather in fall when beautiful
 leaves begin to fall.............

 Thanksgiving is on the way and where
 will you eat, where will you stay? Will
 you travel long way for sweet potato
 pie topped with marshmallows..........

   Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party     QUACK!

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