Wednesday, November 23, 2016


 Life moves on this Wednesday 
 with sun and chill for San Francisco.
 New neighbors gutting house to make
 it snug even for a mouse. Still in air is
 not The Donald cheer but fear and cry
 of "how did we ever get this louse?"
 Media "seeking' clues from teletype
 telling them answers. Oh well. That is
 status of investigative reporting......

 Entertainers big on "bring down new
 prez before getting into White House."
 That won't happen but something to
 talk about around water cooler while
 some in street shout. Alice's kids are
 living in world of doubt and look to go
 down like Frazier and not come out for
 last round of championship bout!
 Betting pick 4's today at Aqueduct. 
 Looks to be lots of chalk and may
 like over careful pitcher balk. This is
 only racetrack talk.........

  Barry McChangky           *>:) devil       QUACK! 

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