Monday, November 7, 2016

WORD ON THE STREET.....................

 She wears pants suits
 and continues to lie.
 Donald loves himself
 no one needs to apply.
 Alice's palace we found
 out some can buy, where
 malice is never in short
 supply. Election time is
 here, are you ready to cry?
 Newest word on the street
 is come together! Over who?

 When ONE is elected then
 comes to rule or has election
 of rejection turned winner into
 fool? Media never chased to
 find out anything other than who
 is looking cool. On CBS Morning
 Show for The Pants Suit drools!
 Time for "The Trio" to forty mules
 themselves out business of news!
 On "their" lips today all had same 
 thing to say, "we have to come
 together, but over who?

 Said she can bring leadership to
 the table from inner circle of those
 most able. Always looking over her
 shoulder watching for Cane to kill
 Able. Always waiting for a cable. 
 That she is a knucklehead is no fable.
 The Donald has imploded but she is
 unable to explode ahead. There is not
 a thing here but dread. Have you heard?
 It's time to come together, but over who?

 THE ABOVE PARTY and come together
 over ME! ME! ME!

  Barry McChangky             *&lt:-P party       QUACK!

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