Saturday, December 10, 2016

SATURDAY MORNING RAIN.....................

 Rain has come in monsoon 
 proportions Saturday morning. 
Temps are holding at chill levels. 
 Not day for walking around wet
 San Francisco's angry ugly sky.
 Stay home and have some of 
 mom's apple pie in the sky. T.V.

 Hard Hitter returning for second
 race after layoff and for Linda Rice
 means shot at a price. Yes, time
 to roll them dice! Used as single 
 in late pick 4 and will go back to
 bet some more! Looking for one
 more to run second for exacta.
 Triple and super are ALL!

 Tonight is a Ray O'Sunshine night.
 Plenty of great wine on hand with
 some great pot to go with it. Yes it
 is for medicinal purposes only......

 Too early for Alice's politics today.
 Might be pouring but no reason to
 let day be boring! 

   Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party  QUACK! 

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