Saturday, December 17, 2016

SATURDAY MORNING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

 It's a glorious Saturday 
 morning for San Francisco.
 Chilly for locals but all those
 east and north would love it!
 Ah! West coast winter. News
 this morning about our next
 congress will not splinter, so
 it looks to be iceberg winter. 

 Hit two pick 4's yesterday
 and lost money, honey! So
 today started with two wins
 but lost third leg of pick 5 and
 here I am. Bet ahead to the late
 pick 4 because when it comes 
 to punishment I want MORE!
 MORE! MORE! Not really. So
 winter break is coming and I
 may wait for spring at Belmont.
 and triple crown races.........

 Tough overnight temps for all
 of the homeless. Homelessness
 has become part of the American
 fabric and it really itches. Colder
 than left teat of witches dreaming
 of greater riches like living indoors.
 Neighborhood drug dealer/boss is
 driving a Lamberquiney. Came for
 memorial of street soldier shot in
 back of head. All those candles and
 "mourners in same brown sweat shirt."
 "Life is good "if" ya don't get hert!" I
 did not use my spelling check........

 Time to check out beginning of late
 pick 4 and then there is no more, until

    Barry McChangky        *&lt:-P party     QUACK!


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