Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TUESDAY WITHOUT RUBY.................................

 Tuesday early afternoon with chill
 and rolling clouds. Bluster type is 
 good way to describe. How many
 men in new cabinet from "your"
 tribe? Is it "too rich to take bribe?"

 Lots of worry in air on border with
 despair. So many "think or believe"
 The Donald won't care. There are
 those that say no safety net even
 for Smokey the Bear! Bambi is now
 on menu if you care. "Trickle down"
 economics like peeing on yourself.
 You know it's there but not what you

 Syria is still a nation. Winner is not
 who "we" picked but winner is as we
 all know major murderer and sinner.
 But defeated Isis "forces" were made
 up of many militias aligned to highest
 bidder. Russia is in, "we" are out. 
 Are you happy enough to shout that
 we lost five year bout? Any doubt?

 Alice has traveled long road taking
 wrong route. She is suffering with bad
 case of gout. But through the pain she
 was heard to shout, "Take Yogi's path
 and follow fork in the road, again..."

  Barry McChangky           *:(( crying     QUACK!    

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