Thursday, December 1, 2016

YET A HANDSOME RANSOM...................

 Day was moving right along
 when things began to go wrong.
 Using a single pick in first leg of
 pick 5 at price that leaves change
 in pocket to jingle. Followed with
 "all" in next two races coming up
 with real drop dead dry chalk. 
 Where is meat for the hawk? Time
 came for fourth leg using four of
 seven horses and got blown away.
 OYE VEH! On to late pick 4...........

 Total bet of pick 5 and 4 not to
 leave me poor but losing has way
 of not letting me ignore. THEN! I
 focused in on race that cried out,
 "Bet 4127!" Looked at race that was
 sending out field of eight and said,
 "this race designed in heaven!" 
 I boxed 4127 for ten cents, $2.40.
 Bet 4127 straight for ten cents when
 "The Tony Pizza Alarm" went off in my
 Had bet five timer but went 25 times more.
 YES! Clear as Mr. Rice finish that day he
 handicapped one more race, 4127. Yes it
 won and payed very handsome ransom.
 Today it paid $40.10 for ten cents. So tell
 me, would you rather be smart or be lucky?
 Answer my friend has blown away in wind....

  Barry McChangky             *&lt:-P party           QUACK!

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