Friday, January 27, 2017

BEAUTIFUL FRIDAY...................................

 *;) winkingNice start on this sunny
 day in San Francisco. Up
 early to find car of one of
 Boarding House Mary's
 boarder's car parked across
 sidewalk blocking access to
 safe walk down the block. 
 Left note asking question
 HATER?" Convenience is all
 that it is about. Don't look now
 but new prez is coming to take
 it all away. While you can go
 out and play and retirement don't
 delay! Working longer for bigger
 check takes valuable years off of

 Alive in pick 4 with first two winners.
 Short prices from short field means
 little in the yield. ROI is ROI! Return
 on investment is what it's all about!
 Have reason to shout like winner of
 twelve round bout! 

 Going to spend day at The Bell Tower.
 Pork loin on plate, Tapestry in glass
 and hopefully dragged home by nice
 young lass to have her way with me!

  Barry McChangky          *&lt:-P party       QUACK!   

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